First was the exit of Napolitano, who took over the University of California System. Now it’s happened again here in Texas. William McRaven, an evil raven if there ever was one, has been chosen as the SOLE candidate to vy for Chancellor of the UT system with a salary of 700,000+.  And this mans big accomplishment? He faked the arrest and execution of Osama Bin Laden. Has he ever served as a professor? NOPE! Has he ever held any university post which would qualify him for the position? NO!

Napolitano only got a salary of $540,000 for heading up UC.

The problem is, why is a man who is a outright liar and evil who falsified one of the biggest staged arrests in American history then the team involved was summarily executed to prevent people speaking out, this is pretty darn evil stuff. It means he’s connected at the highest levels to the evil propaganda system whose veil has never been publically pierced, not since the government blew up the twin towers, not since the government blew up the twin towers in 93 with a bomb they provided, not since the government blew up the Oklahoma city building (thanks Mr. Holder!), not since they blew away the family at Ruby Ridge and burned little children at Waco.

And now a chill runs up our spines as we ask, what the heck is going on when they place the two largest university systems in the world under Military rule? A new control grid? What are they up to?

Whatever it is, you can expect this pattern to continue as more and more military and spy brass is chosen for positions they have zero qualifications for in the university system. This isn’t just some quid pro quo payoff for being good lackies in the administration of evil, this is to change the educational system itself.

What new classes with McRaven sponser? How to fake a murder 101? Kill the Witnesses Keep the Body? The Epistemology of Lying to a Nation?

None of this will end well.