We’ve been saying again and again, Indian slag coders with fake degrees are a joke and wreck havoc on projects. Now at least, there is a bit of third party proof of that fact.

The truth is part of the authoritarian-democrat aka fake liberal mentality is to force anti-white propaganda and actions and this comes from cult like brainwashing but the reality it comes from a jewish master led group seeking to utterly rip America to pieces, and they now control 100% of the democrat and 55% of the republican parties. It’s a horrific attack, and it’s coming from all directions – open borders, fluoride in water, dumbing down our schools, and most importantly, destroying the jobs of people who are intelligent and use their brains and instead the government floating billions of dollars in tax structures or kickbacks to support sport players, actors, and rap artists. Meanwhile the government is in full on rape of the American software engineer with endless restrictive tax codes and worldwide authority. Flooding the nation with sick Indians is just another goal of dumbing down America.


From Hicksville in New York to Sunnyvale in California to Geneva in Switzerland, I’ve spotted Indian code monkeys in buses, trains, Indian restaurants, parks, office towers and tourist attractions.

With all these tens of thousands of Indians with fake degrees strutting around and poring endlessly over their computers, you’d think our people would be aces at programming. The really sad thing is, they think they are here in the USA because they are the best, when the reality is they are here because mentally sick MBAs and CEOs have sold out America for a short term buck and a long term collapse of their company.

According to a ranking by TopCoder.com, Indian programmers are a pathetic #19, behind Russia, China, Poland, Japan, Ukraine, US, Belarus, Iran, Brazil, Croatia, Slovakia, Vietnam, Bulgaria etc.

Indian Coders Rank Poorly

TopCoder says its country rankings are based on an aggregation of members within a particular country that have competed within the last 180 days. It seems the site uses a rating system where if all coders from a particular country have the same rating, then that country’s would be the same as the individual ratings. Apparently when coder ratings differ, the country rating is based mostly on the top rated coders.

TopCoder’s says its goal is to to provide a better way to rank countries than a simple average.

Why do Indians coders rank so low?

Because Indians have no imagination.

Be it movies, coding, music or any other field, the Indian mentality is to steal, cram, blow and regurgitate.

That’s the reason you never see them create anything original or noteworthy but always toil at some low-level tasks at the bottom of the programming food chain.

While part of the blame must be assigned to the Indian educational system that encourages rote learning, some blame must also go to the utter fraud and immorality mentality they have in India. In India, it matters not what rules you break. Coming to America on a fake degree to earn money is not considered a sin.