A Whole Lotta Zirpin Goin On
Our deficit stands at 16 trillion and requires money printing to cover 70% of our interest payment. By the end of Barakalypse Obama that number will reach 20 trillion. Oh that’s congress’ fault they say. Really? Did Barak walk down to congress and give a speech demanding a specific reform? Did he call them out in the state of the union address. No. No mention of it. He’s going along and passing the buck. Except that America is in the 14 th year of a greatest depression with no job creation because of this policy.

Being an American is a death sentence of poverty stress and health failure unless you are a doctor or lawyer or bureaucrat or feeding off the government or in a cushy county job.

Ron Paul’s belief that government was vastly overextended and needed to be radically cut isn’t seeming so crazy now. The problem is the American public cannot connect their current poverty with the government overspending. The democrats say psychotically that the solution is to spend MORE!

Yet at the time, they laughed and laughed. All the other candidates laughed at him, all the news anchors laughed at him. They faked the ballots in Iowa and counted them in secret. They used rigged electronic voting machines. And when his hoardes of voters who had had enough kept coming, they used bully and bruising tactics at the conventions. Finally when all this did not stop him, they refused to accept his five state notarized and signed nomination papers. Simply trampled them on the floor. And laughed again. At that critical moment. At that dramatic point in time something really special happened. They kidnapped Morton Blackwell and ushered in rules changes so that a free voice in America could never ever again be heard. Mike Duncan declared the Maine delegates thrown away. Boehner declared “The Ayes” have it on the rules adoption.

After Bohener announced falsely that it was approved that they were throwing away the Maine delegates, the entire state of Texas stood up and screamed “Point of Order Point of Order” for ten minutes. The GOP ignored them. This was the breaking point in the convention. At this point the GOP ripped itself apart into two groups – the criminals lusting for power and those who believed in following the rules.

“I’ve heard 2 votes with more Nays and Yeas. [and they declared the rule change passed anyways]” – ch4d

During the vote CSPAN referred to the opposing Ron Paul supporters as “Trouble Makers and Refuseniks!” Ok, well they didn’t say refuseniks but they might as well have. Never again will the will of the people be able to manifest because now they have re-designed the process to be top down. The “party” will appoint it’s underlings. Now where have we seen that before and why does the phrase “Mao Tse Dung” keep pouring into my head?

“When that [the credentialing report to strip Maine delegates] came up the Nays were at lest as loud as the Ayes the right thing to do was take a roll vote but they just accepted it … they [the Texas delegation] immediately started chanting really loudly SEAT MAINE NOW. … Once the vote went through Texas began to chant again POINT OF ORDER POINT OF ORDER. At that point they have to recognize them but they didn’t…Immediately after the GOP came up to adopt the rules report which would allow the GOP to do to every delegate what they just did to Maine” – Ginger Taylor

In fact, if you really want the correct model for the RNC think not to China but to North Korea. Romney is their “Feerless Leader” in fact they even officially scheduled him to give his acceptance speech even before the vote? Why? Well of course we all know that the votes don’t matter and it’s all rigged!

“It was a complete and utter railroad on all issues before the convention. No votes were seriously taken–the teleprompter included “the ayes have it” and that’s how it was always read.” – Delegate Jeremy Blosser

Following the rules by the book at 2:30 p.m. the delegation submitted the slates, complete with delegates’ signatures, directly to the Convention Chair, Iowa’s Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds. These signatures included even Romney delegates, who wanted to ensure fair play and looked forward to the Paul nomination. The delegates handed the slates proving the plurality directly to Reynolds in front of at least four media cameras, including VOA News.

For instance, the Iowa slate was signed (and notarized) by 22 delegates, including Iowa GOP Chair, Drew Ivers. These were carefully crafted and legitimate documents.

So, it was in Reynold’s hands by 3:00. The roll call wasn’t until 5:00. They fought hard and correctly to finish it with style and get Dr. Paul in nomination, get him his 15 minutes before the entire world.

It was secretary Kim Reynolds who doomed all of America to utter collapse and murdered millions of American in the starvation and horror that would follow with her outlandish decision to violate all rules and ignore the nomination of Ron Paul. It went down like this –

When the delegates questioned her repeatedly on the Paul nomination Kim Reynolds replied – “Uh, we weren’t able to contact any people or many people,” as if she needed approval from the media or some other irrelevant group before performing her required role. One delegate responded, “Then, I’ll go get the people and help you contact people.” She responded, “There’s not any time to contact anyone,” even though some two hours remained before the roll call.

When the delegates pressed her on the issue, she responded even more inanely, saying, “I’m NOT going to deal with this.”

The road and path of the doom of America was sealed with those words. With that final blow, America was ZIRP enslaved for all time, forever to be doomed until the coming collapse would result in such horrific suffering that the people would have to rise up. But as memories of Gulag USSR come to mind we are reminded that once in a slave state, very few ever have the guts to fight out of it.

How did this happen?

The fed bankers who are private rich European and Jewish families plus the Rockefellers formed the most powerful cartel in history. Why are the shareholders private? That’s unheard of for such a public institution. Ask that one question the next time you see your “representative”. It is the FED that pushes us into endless wars because wars bankrupt the state, and that leads to borrowing which becomes more money for rich fatcats in Europe.

Let’s make a deal. Give me 500 billion dollar and in a year I’ll give you 96% of that back. In the meantime, I can lend out that money ten times over due to banking rules. I bet I can make a trillion dollars a year. That’s exactly the swindle going on at the fed bank. That 500 billion is our interest payment to them for our debt.

The state we are in, the ZIRP state or zero interest rate policy, means we have become slaves to them. Interest rates cannot rise to generate capital for the “real” economy to grow. Instead all the money is funneled into the fake government economy, and the zero interest rate allows hedge funds, bankers, and wall streets to speculate mostly on commodities but on all kinds of things. This is why we have banking collapses. They borrow a billion dollars at near zero interest rates and their investment doubles in value then they pay back the same one billion. It’s an easy economic model to understand.

So we have a speculation-government make work economy not a capitalist economy. And the problem is getting out of ZIRP state is nearly impossible for a government to accomplish. The only way out is to go bust and for the balloon to pop.

Ron Paul – Hes CRAZY. Crazy like a fox.

Zirp has ensnared Italy, Greece, Spain, Japan, and America. Is this not then the mightiest army ever to be seen on the earth? Why are its members a secret? Probably because they knew that if we knew where they were their lives would be in danger. We know the swindle, it’s time to call them out on it and banish them from the earth. For two hundred years this Rothschild based cartel has caused such human suffering as the Napoleonic wars, WWI and WWII and all the stupid wasteful skirmishes we’ve been in since then. Will the wars end when we reach ZIRP state? Heck no! Because there’s always more zirping to be had!

We are looking at a system that will cause no less than the utter collapse of the world.

While the stock owners are a carefully guarded secret, the president appointed board of governors are public record.
Janet L. Yellen, Chair
Stanley Fischer, Vice Chairman
Daniel K. Tarullo
Jerome H. Powell
Lael Brainard

Fischer is a former IMF deputy managing director and former vice chair of CitiGroup.
Tarullo is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, the elite group that controls the press in America. Brainard like Fischer is another MIT proff who used to be at Brookings, the uptight right wing thinktank of ex world murderers. Powell comes to us courtesy of the Carlyle Group, the lovely peaceful purveyors of profit from war around the world. The chairmen/women are typically more benign, college professors who can blather on endlessly and one wonders if they truly realize at all that they are presiding over the enslavement of the nation and its spiral into poverty as wealth gets siphoned off. Yellin chaired the Economic Policy Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development from 1997 to 1999. And two members are simply non-existent. I guess it’s hard enough finding five reasonably chaste people out of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The really tough question is, do these five understand ZIRP? Do they realize they have trapped us like a spider in a web? I think they really have no clue. This is a system of profit siphoning, yet, being within it, they see themselves as helpers. And when Barak Insane Obama calls for another trillion to borrow, they are at the ready to give it to him as requested at low rates. Does that not help the nation? Well, uhm yah sure, until the interest payments on the debt reach 50% of our tax revenues! NO worries, we will keep rates low they reply. Well what if they STILL HIT 50% of our tax revenues? Oh dear, that’s a problem!

Siphoning the Money off In Strange and Mysterious Ways

ZIRP is a boon to some people. The hard part is figuring out Qui Bono – who benefits. Congress passed a bill requiring 96% of the profits of the fed to be “returned” to the US treasury coffers.

The Federal Reserve paid $79.6 billion to the Treasury Department in 2013 as the Fed’s enormous investment campaign to stimulate economic growth continued to generate windfall profits for taxpayers.

Since 2008, the Fed has expanded its holdings of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities from less than $1 trillion to more than $4 trillion in an effort to suppress interest rates and encourage risk-taking.

Its earnings from those holdings have increased apace. The Fed, required by law to put most of its profit in the government’s coffers, has contributed almost $323 billion in the last four years. The Fed invests exclusively in federal government bonds. In returning the money, it is effectively reducing the government’s borrowing costs.- Applebaum

So all is good right? No money siphoning going on there? They take a few billion to run operations and security and the rest comes back. EXCEPT. EXCEEEEEPT. They get to make the loans to their friends.

Banking 101 Primer as told by Ellen Brown :

“The thing that most people don’t realize is that banks don’t just take in people’s money, and then lend it out again,” Brown explains. “What they do is, literally, every time they make a loan, they create that money on their books. They need the deposits in order to clear the checks, but they’re basically double-counting the money. … When you’ve put your money in the bank and then you go to withdraw it, they never say, “Sorry, we just lent your money out to your neighbor for 30 years. You’ll have to come back later.” No, they always give you your money. That’s because your deposit’s still there at the same time that they’ve lent it out. So, if you need the money, then they’ll borrow it from somewhere else. But where do they borrow it from? Basically, from the very bank that the check just went into from the loan that they just made. It’s like a big check-kiting scheme, where you create the money; it goes into another bank; and then you borrow it back. The banks can borrow it back at 0.25 percent at the moment, which is the Fed funds rate. And of course, they lend it out at five percent, or on credit cards 18 percent… or outrageous industry rates. They get a huge spread on money that didn’t actually exist until they created the loan. … Their control over money is how they manage to corner politics, buy up the media, and basically monopolize the field.”

Now when a “friend” as a bank, even a european bank, or a large financial house (now declared themselves as banks) want a loan, they don’t pay that 18%. Heck no! They pay Zirp! And there’s a million other ways they enrich themselves through swaps and deals with the fed. Borrowing billions at the secret lending window at 005% and then depositing it at the other fed window for 0.25% return on money is a secret way that the fed hands over BILLIONS each and every year to each and every bank and financial house. And with the European banks and central banks stopping this practice (Denmark started even CHARGING 0.2 % for deposits!), even more money is flooding into the FED for “protection”. Vinny pass the marinara, times are good. To the tune of 4 BILLION dollars a year in free money to banks and financial houses, all courtesy of playing in our mob, not the BRIC mob money system. Think of it as a bribe to let the shakedown continue.

fed reserve deposits

Now let’s imagine you had a business and lets call that business a “bank” which makes NO PROFIT. You want to give you and your brother a 100,000,000 a year salary so you can buy a yacht with gold toilet seats. But how can you theres NO PROFIT. Well simply, you do your little fed lending scam and pocket 300 million a year free and clear. There’s enough money left over for two yachts.

There’s no money for capitalism loans or entrepreneurship, heck no that’s yesterday’s model. So the real economy dies, and the financial economy booms. For a time.

Understanding the Zirp Process – Why It’s So Inescapable

Zirp never begins with Zirp. In a calculated policy, the enslaving private central bankers first establish ownership over money promising easy credit and good times. The modern spending sprees in China is a good example of a pre-zirp nation partying it up. And gobbling up west coast American real estate in the process which is making life really hard on Americans. See American’s don’t get to prosper from Zirp or from the loans, those are reserved in direct bank to bank or hedge fund or big nyc financial house plays. Walk in and try to borrow a million at 0% interest and you’ll see it’s quite impossible. But not for the Zirpers. TARP was simply re-capitalizing the ZIRP process for another 10 years at a cost of 23,000,000,000,000 dollars. No big whop.

The panic of 1907 was the kickoff, either planned by the big financial houses or simply used for their gain to usher in the era of slavery:

The Panic of 1907 – also known as the 1907 Bankers’ Panic or Knickerbocker Crisis[1] – was a United States financial crisis that took place over a three week period starting in mid-October, when the New York Stock Exchange fell almost 50% from its peak the previous year. Panic occurred, as this was during a time of economic recession, and there were numerous runs on banks and trust companies. The 1907 panic eventually spread throughout the nation when many state and local banks and businesses entered bankruptcy. Primary causes of the run included a retraction of market liquidity by a number of New York City banks and a loss of confidence among depositors, exacerbated by unregulated side bets at bucket shops.[2] The panic was triggered by the failed attempt in October 1907 to corner the market on stock of the United Copper Company. When this bid failed, banks that had lent money to the cornering scheme suffered runs that later spread to affiliated banks and trusts, leading a week later to the downfall of the Knickerbocker Trust Company—New York City’s third-largest trust. The collapse of the Knickerbocker spread fear throughout the city’s trusts as regional banks withdrew reserves from New York City banks. Panic extended across the nation as vast numbers of people withdrew deposits from their regional banks.

Aldrich was right on this, carefully crafting the “report” like today’s modern 911 report, which would argue the case for the need for a central bank.
“The following year, Senator Nelson W. Aldrich, father-in-law of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., established and chaired a commission to investigate the crisis and propose future solutions, leading to the creation of the Federal Reserve System”

The problem was not WITH there being a central bank, but with it being created as PRIVATE and SECRET not even answerable to CONGRESS. Even all THAT is not enough of a power grab to enable ZIRP enslavement of a nation, the critical final step was that only THEY could be the creators of money, something EXPLICITLY FORBIDDEN in the constitution.

Ultimately, the congressional passed Federal Reserve Act (ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, enacted December 23, 1913, 12 U.S.C. ch. 3) is unconstitutional. It would require a constitutional amendment to change the power of creation of money. But the supreme court is full of idiots and imbeciles and if any did understand what is going on they ignore it out of fear. So with this one change, we have descended into tyranny, enslavement by our money system itself.

Zirping Progression States
The progression follows swiftly. Panic. Creation of Bank with money creation power monopoly. Good Times. Depression War. More War. More Depressions and Recessions. More wars. Repeat. Repeat. Each time, the indebtedness of the nation rises and rises until the interest on the debt reaches a tipping point > 25% of the tax receipts. Once this occurs (as ours did in 2000) interest rates must fall ever lower. Until finally they reach ZIRP state. Rates cannot rise because that would so unbalance the federal accounting books with such a debt balloon no one would trust the nations credit worthiness.

Before ZIRP enslavement happens flush credit periods are given to the public so they don’t look too hard at the government or its policies. The roaring 20s, the booming 50s, the me 80s, the early 00s. During these times money supply is expanded and people can get easy credit. So why be critical. These are almost always followed by WAR and the nation must overspend to fight the war WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, War on “Terror”, Endless WAR, and finally ULTIMATE WAR on the HOMEFRONT – the Terror State and homeland security. It must always end in the terror state as controls must clamp down to control the now starving and broke populace. But where did the money go?

Slowly the economy shifts from a credit-entrepreneurism based one to a speculative one. The easy credit exists only for investment houses to buy pork bellies, oil, wheat, any commodity including housing. A greater and greater section of the economy shifts to the police state and government for jobs as that is all there is. Until you finally have a situation where there is practically no private sector growth at all, and nearly everything is being driven by government money printing. This is exactly where we have reached by 2014 and the consequences and following collapse will be catastrophic^2.

The collapse will not be like a big stock market blitz, although that will happen at times. No it will be like tightening the strings on a corset of someone choking to death. Each time the unlucky survivor struggles to get a breath in and coughs it only will get tighter. A solution like Argentinian default simply isn’t possible with half the world caught up in this madness. Europe and the US will cycle about madly like two vacuum cleaners plugged into each other. Eventually the motors will burn out and it will all simply stop.

In the meantime there is hope. People are learning to recognize ZIRP and the enslavement that it is, and want OUT. State by state, or through an alternative currency, at some point there must be a break away from the system that is madness and benefits only the billionaires.