A world without fake boobs. The horror, the horror. Men, accustomed to skinny bean sized girls with balloon pumped mammaries are having to adjust to flat chested girls again for with the tight currency controls, Venezuela cannot import breast implants. “It isn’t right, there just aren’t enough big boobed girls in Venezuela to go around, we must open the borders to breast implants” said Juan Alcatiz.

The crisis has been brewing for a long time and now skinny seventeen year olds desperate for boob jobs are screaming at their doctors many even offering bribes. But the doctors can do nothing as long as the stream of new breast implants is halted. Some are resorting to implants made in china with disastrous results. “God knows what’s in them, they rupture easily” said Dr. Zocola.

One teen stood proudly with here DD mamaries on her tiny size 2 body. When asked how she could afford the breasts or where they were from she simply smiled.

At a doctors office two scantily clad teens began to fight after hearing there was only one pair of breast implants left for the month “No MINE! I need to be a big boobed bimbo!” screamed one loudly at the other.