The US Government can do something very simple. Authorize the Treasury to print 4 trillion dollars a year in “American” notes and use it to pay back all our debt. Once the debt is paid off, in roughly five years, simply print the dollars the government spends. There is no need for taxation or tax revenue at all.

The main argument with having to borrow dollars is that it would constrain spending. Since that is no longer the case, then there is no longer any reason to have a federal reserve bank. It has failed in both it’s jobs of maintaining employment and growth.

Since the government mainly wants to fund war and welfare, and not entrepreneurs, we recommend all new jobs and companies be based on one of these two functions.

All healthcare can be free. And why not! All citizens will aspire to be doctors with their 700,000 a year salaries.

If the government overspends, prices will simply rise. It’s that simple. Right now we have a system where only bankers and wall street benefit. Why not move to a system where everyone benefits. With no cherry loans to banks or hedge funds.

The only people who will suffer are the Rothchilds and Loebs and Rockefeller families that own the central bank. Well tough they have enough money already!

Now what happens if the government decides to grow its budget to ten trillion dollars a year? Well, it wont really matter, as dollars will devalue. Essentially there is a simple equation, the cost of government and welfare vs. private production. As government grows larger, people grow poorer until there is revolution. It’s the same as things are now really.