The women all look like pathetic stupid strung out coke whores. They are fake and shallow. Many have very ugly faces hidden in makeup and the same doof hairdo and bleach. I find nothing sexy in any of them. What the hell has happened to America?

Beauty comes from within whether 20 or 80, whether 120 or 300 pounds. I find nothing shining through the eyes of these frosted cupcakes. Maybe they are ok for a quick snack, but after you have to throw away the sticky wrapper.

And where are the tattooed goth chics, the punk girls, the emo chics, the mods, the nerd chics, and the athletic girls? None here. Its just homogenized Campbell soup – chicken and stars, and while that aint a bad soup I’ve moved onto progresso.

I’m not interested in the spoiled chic studying sociology at Arizona U, show me the brain scientist at MIT!

Why isn’t it a two part test, brains and beauty? Why can’t we require them to play a musical instrument?

And the saddest thing of all, most have no tush. Years of diet fasting and little time in the gym (thats icky and sweaty) has left them with little saggy shriveled butts. Hardly what most men want. Give me beauties like Kacy Catanzaro, you can take the lot of these disgusting “queens”


Sorry, I’ll take winners like Kacy over those bad nose jobs any day!

Kacy Catanzaro
Kacy Catanzaro