How many American funded rebels can you name?
How many American funded rebels can you name?

Say What? You’ve got to be KIDDING ME!~ 4:41 in the video. Bill to give the islamic jihadist rebels $500,000,000 in arms passed in congress this week. Oh wait, ISIS supposedly “captured” all those american arms, tanks and trucks they now drive. What is the difference between the free syrian army and ISIL?

dull knives

Americans are starving in the streets homeless and they are giving HALF A BiLLION DOLLARS to syrian rebels?

9-2013 –
In a private meeting at the White House on Monday with Sen. John McCain, President Obama said he plans to give Syrian rebels more advanced weapons, according to McCain. If this happens, it would mark an expansion of Obama’s latest Syria strategy of possibly mounting a military response to Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons.

McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham met with Obama to discuss the plan, which, as currently outlined by the White House, involves a limited mission to punish the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons, as the Syrian president did most recently on August 21, and deter future assaults. Administration officials have made clear that “regime change” is not an objective of the mission. But Obama’s new arming strategy would certainly help the rebels, whose goal is removal of the Assad regime. The White House didn’t respond to requests for comment Monday.

“He said that he was willing to upgrade the capabilities of the Free Syrian Army,” McCain said in an interview with The Daily Beast, referring to the largest of the rebel groups. “This was a shift in the president’s thought and actions from before.”