Edie the Ebola is available from Meega Toys for $39.95
Edie the Ebola is available from Meega Toys for $39.95

It was created to spread awareness of the Ebola virus but now kids are clamoring for it everywhere. It’s Eddy the Ebola Virus from Meega. And why not, he’s all the rage in the news these day with more newstand mentions than Jennifer Aniston getting dumped.

“Arrr I’ll get you!” screamed kid at another holding up Eddy. “Not if I get you first” the second kid countered holding up another Eddy doll. Set includes lifelike Ebola blotches – stickers that look just like the real thing!
infection stickers

And this toy has a marketing trick. Every thousandth toy, when you squeeze his tummy, pops out wings! “Cool I’m Airborne!” said a delighted boy.

ebola kit

Get the full set! Edie has friends!


The advanced playset includes the nations of Africa complete with wild mingling savages who are struggling to wash the bodies of the ever increasing Ebola dead.

africa playset