There were thousands of them, and they all had one mission, to complain about climate change.

“I’m sick of New York Winters! I want it to be Autumn All Year Round!”

Others had the opposing view

“I hate the sticky summers in New York, Stop it from getting so hot!”

Yes indeed, the people were out to complain at the horrible suffering that climate change had wrought upon them.

With drums and tubas, fizzers and floats, much like the who’s in who-ville, the People’s Climate March represented a broad coalition of ages, races, geographic locales and interests, with union members, religious leaders, scientists, politicians and students joining the procession.

Climates marches were held across the globe on Sunday, from Paris to Papua New Guinea, and with world leaders gathering at the United Nations on Tuesday for a climate summit meeting, marchers said the timing was right for the populist message in support of limits on carbon emissions. The signs that marchers held were as varied as the movement: “There is No Planet B,”

Still others held signs “There is a Planet B, and since it orbits no sun, there is no climate change on it!”

When asked the temperature of Planet B the protestor replied “well really freakin cold, but at least there’s no climate change on it!”

When asked if now that it’s been proven the planet is in a cooling trend that Al Gore should refund his billions of dollars in carbon taxes to prevent global warming one protestor replied “Climate change is both cooling and warming!” much like lisa simpson of the tv show fame.

Al Gore, with his mega mansions and huge private jets, has done much to slow global cooling with all his carbon emissions. “We have beaten global warming” said a Triumphant Al Bore, “Now the planet has swung too far and is freezing, so we must use more luxury jets and live in ever bigger houses again!” “Hooray!” said the crowd, tired of their 400 square feet mini housing trends.


When it was over, a mountain of trash was left behind for others to clean up.
trash warming