More than ten thousand software engineers have killed themselves after getting replaced by Indians with fake degrees on the H-1B visa
More than ten thousand software engineers have killed themselves after getting replaced by Indians with fake degrees on the H-1B visa

The US Government is engaged in a policy of GENOCIDE against American software engineers. Their goal is to eradicate them from the earth. Both their tax policies which forbid engineers from working for themselves, and flooding the nation with eight million Indians, most of whom have fake degrees and fake resumes, in a market that only has four million jobs, is resulting in a complete shut out of American engineers. Highly skilled highly trained brilliant American engineers cannot get work and are killing themselves in vast uncounted numbers.

No one cares no one cares

And it is forbidden to discuss this on the government run news stations.

The US Government continues to import hundreds of thousands of Indians with fake degrees who work for peanuts every year on the H-1B visa program. In 2012 alone they approved 577,298 LCAs according to the department of labor. The official limit on H-1Bs is 85,000 a year, but many years they approve several hundred thousands. Many of these are exempt non-profit university type visas but that is abused as well with them often being put on private contracts. Over FOUR MILLION of these slag laborers are currently here in the USA, and there are only 4.2 million technology jobs. That’s nearly 100% unemployment for our hardest working Americans!

Many transition to green card status and never leave on this “non-immigrant” visa (A LIE!), and bring in their wives who work also in the IT industry with fake resumes. Also many institutions are “exempted” from the cap, hence the 577,298 approvals in 2012 alone.

My brother committed suicide last July. He had just turned 60. He lost his IT job in the Great Recession in 2008. Despite hundreds of resumes being sent out, and a lifetime of IT experience, he got few interviews and no job offers. He spent down his 401(k) and when he died the only thing he owned was a beat-up car. We later found out he had a lot of credit card debt, with which he had tried to keep himself afloat. After four years of no job offers, unemployment running out, having no health insurance, etc., his dignity was shot. He had lost hope of ever working again. How I wish he had not committed suicide; how I would give anything and everything to have him back. I consider him one of the casualties of the Recession and when I read of the fat bonuses the banksters award themselves, I shake with rage that they have continued to prosper while people like my brother lost all hope and people like me lost a loved one. – Jen D, New Jersey

Paul Kane, Director, Business Development for Quest Research Limited, one of Asia’s leading corporate screening companies which conducts pre- employment background checks for leading Fortune 500 companies said that the Middle East market was increasingly being inundated by fake certificates by individuals desperate to land a job here.

‘Out of the total number of cases we get for background screenings in the Middle East, nearly 25 per cent of the people end up holding fake academic degrees or certificates.”

Many agents also say that it is quite difficult to spot a fake degree nowadays, as it resembles an original one in every way- from the texture of the paper to the university stamp. But there also some cases in which the degree holders don’t even bother in making a real effort to conceal their fraud.

Said Mr. Kane, ‘We have had certain cases of people making up university names which do not even exist. Names such as Commercial University Ltd. of New Delhi, are regularly used by fake degree holders to gain employment. Employers should be more wary of hiring such people and should definitely conduct a background check on them.’