It’s bad enough that our own government has turned against us and let 10 million foreign engineers with dubiuos credentials invade our shores, but now, theres insult to injury. These bodyshopping agencies are registering as Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) which gives them priority in government contracts.

This “white guilt” is ridiculous and it was meant to support people HERE who had been discriminated. Instead foreigners who had never been discriminated against are using it to foster their invasion of our nation and destroy our native work force.

Why is this allowed? And why are non-citizens able to get this designation. How about the rich families who have millions but are “minorities” who still get this and get preference over poor struggling Europanic Americans?

All this discrimination is wrong. And its destroying our nation. What ever happened to a color blind society? You cannot have preferential practices for “minorities” which have GREATER numbers than Europanic representations such as Italian, Greek, and Spanish. Hispanics now make up 30% of the nation, blacks almost 20%. Italians are 9%.  But Italians aren’t minorities and don’t qualify for Certified Minority Business Enterprise designation. Why is that? Isn’t going by skin color the ULTIMATE racist thing? But it’s even worse because there are white Hispanics as well! So they use it AGAINST Europanics, but ignore it for Hispanics? HuH?


“Some minority groups are presumed to be socially and economically disadvantaged and can qualify for the 8(a) program. These groups include: African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Pacific Americans and Subcontinent Asian Americans..  Firms owned by Alaska Native Corporations, Indian Tribes, Native Hawaiian Organizations and Community Development Corporations can also apply to the program.” – from


Why do they PRESUME anything! This is WRONG and it needs to be stopped. Subcontinent Asian Americans means Packistanis and Indians and Bangladeshis! But they say “Americans’ but I can guarantee they never ask for a valid social security number.