making trans women into horrific freaks, the new Amazon myopic succeeds
making trans women into horrific freaks, the new Amazon myopic succeeds

Trangendered people, errr more correctly people who trans sex, are allowed to be on TV, as long as they look like old men in wigs, so says the new Amazon show ‘Transparent’ about a 70 year old male who wakes up and declares himself a woman.  The accepting portrayal of trans woman as failure has been going on for many years on television and news media and was exclaimed in Julia Serrano’s epic diatribe ‘Whipping Girl’.

The time to show people who trans sex as freaks passed 20 years ago, why is Amazon asleep at the wheel. Oh they’ve got “consultants” like Jennifer Boylan. But ya know what? If they had a real consultant they wouldn’t make it a freak circus now would they.

No trans women are not “ersatz woman” as the article likes to declare. And as for “Rhys” who declares his  goal is to “”surpass” the outdated binaries of gender altogether” Uhm  no. Not. Not even close. Go back to your little gay camp because you don’t speak at all for trans people.

Here’s a peek at how wonderful they think trans women look. yay team.  Amazon, you are not being politically correct nor trendy you are being pathetic for pushing a hundred year old stereotype.  And your gender confused consultants seem to be doing their job, producing a gender confused horror that passes as entertainment.  Jenny how did you let this get so bad? Do you really think you are doing good being involved in this hideous mess or did you just need the paycheck?

old men in wigs are of course just what all trans women aspire to be. yehp.
old men in wigs are of course just what all trans women aspire to be. yehp.


Willa Paskin at the liberal website Slate is a perfect example. “To call it Amazon’s first great series, or the only great series of the new fall season — both of which are true — is to damn it with faint praise.”

Let’s put aside the notion of art — whether the acting or screenwriting is effective — and dwell on reality. Art really doesn’t matter. Getting the cultural politics right are the alpha and the omega here. It’s about paying homage to the ongoing LGBT cultural revolution. It’s a show that had to be made in a way to thrill the professional Transgender Lobby, or Big Trans. It needed the imprimatur of gender-denying political correctness, and it got it.

Jennifer (formerly James) Boylan, the first transgender co-chair of the board of directors of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, is a consultant to the show. So are Rhys Ernst and Zackary Drucker, who have been celebrated in the art world as a couple who’ve both “transitioned,” an ersatz man and an ersatz woman, or “trans superstars,” as they were called in The New York Times. They declared in the Times that their goal is to “surpass” the outdated binaries of gender altogether: “That would be the greatest transition of all.”



Jeffrey Tambor, the actor playing the lead character of Mort (and “Maura”) Pfefferman, told the enraptured hosts at NBC’s “Today” that “I was throw-up nervous pretty much all the way, really. It’s a huge responsibility. But I had great consultants from the trans community.” He announced, “It’s the most transformative role I’ve ever played. I’m really honored.”

The New York Times profiled series creator Jill Soloway and championed how her show “tries to fast-forward past the incremental water-testing that network TV has historically applied to shifts like this, to skip the eggshell-walking and the audience-coddling. She wants to give her viewers a fully realized trans character.” Their headline also underlined the political goal: “Can Jill Soloway Do Justice to the Trans Movement?”