Morning commuters drive past the Federal Reserve Bank building in Washington

A bunch of stupid YES STUPID hippies sat in a NYC park and played kumbayah in drum circles while doing bong hits. And for some reason they thought that would change the world. And just four blocks over, there sat the NY Fed Bank, the only REAL central bank the others are just for show, the place where all the decisions are made and where our slavery is enforced. And this bank is protected by a private armed security force and according to old blueprints – MACHINE GUN NESTS! No for real, there are hidden machine guns in the building.

All the windows on the first floor are SOLID STEEL PLATES.


The building is remarkable because it is build as a fortress with few large windows. Those two weird square holes on each side of the arch (now CLOSED with huge metal doors) are for machine guns. Try to break through that door? You’d better be in a tank! Why so secure? because in the basement is a hoard of gold that would make the swiss blush. Much of the gold was also stored in the basement of the World Trade Center. This gold was NEVER recovered but trucks loaded with gold were found TRAPPED under the collapsed building. How many trucks of gold made it out, never to be counted? Want to steal from a bank? Well if the bank no longer exists … who knows if anything was stolen? How’s that for effin brilliant.

Not one tomato, not one rotten egg, not one head of cabbage defiled the beautiful arches of the bank that enslaves us. Nope, they sang KumBayYah three blocks over instead. A bunch of frightened and stupid hippies will never change the world.

Now what are the marks over the arch of the bank that enslaves us. Oh the american flag on the left how quaint. Except that it’s not the Ah-MEHR-ican flag, thats the flag of the dutch east india company. And on the right – the windmill. The symbol of the dutch. Oh and the british flag? That’s the CROSS of the dutch east india company combined with a angled cross to represent britain. They started by OWNING britain and THEIR central bank, then they owned America.  Don’t believe it, look at the flags, and then look at our building in DC.

east india company

What we have now isn’t money. What we have now aren’t DOLLARS, a dollar is a hunk of silver as defined in the constitution! Look at what a real “Dollar NOTE” is, it says “Will Pay the Bearer One Dollar at the Treasury In New York” well they took that line off! And the treasury? Thats the FED bank, owned by the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Loebs, and other Fatcat Europeans. Who owns it? Its a SECRET! ITs a GODDAMN SECRET. That legal secret is secured by AMERICAN LAW. How’s that for slavery?

"Will Pay the Bearer One Dollar at the Treasury in New York"
“Will Pay the Bearer One Dollar at the Treasury in New York”

The first federal reserve notes KEPT this promise. Only later did they take it away

Federal Reserve Bank Note

bank gold bank machine guns

And of course the gold vault is defended by a massive 90 ton cylinder which has to turn to reveal the opening. It’s truly the most massive bank door ever built.


But it gets deeper. Because on every bank is the Eagle. The American bald eagle, our symbol right. WRONG! That isn’t the American eagle, thats the Palaeologoi Eagle, from the Despot of Morea. Who was that?

in 1446 the Ottoman Sultan Murad II destroyed the Byzantine defences—the Hexamilion wall at the Isthmus of Corinth. His attack opened the peninsula to invasion, though Murad died before he could exploit this. His successor Mehmed II “the Conqueror” captured the Byzantine capital Constantinople in 1453. The despots, Demetrios Palaiologos and Thomas Palaiologos, brothers of the last emperor, failed to send him any aid, as Morea was recovering from a recent Ottoman attack. Their own incompetence resulted in an Albanian–Greek revoltagainst them, during which they invited in Ottoman troops to help them put down the revolt. At this time, a number of influential Moreote Greeks and Albanians made private peace with Mehmed.[1] After more years of incompetent rule by the despots, their failure to pay their annual tribute to the Sultan, and finally their own revolt against Ottoman rule, Mehmed came into the Morea in May 1460. Demetrios ended up a prisoner of the Ottomans and his younger brother Thomas fled. By the end of the summer the Ottomans had achieved the submission of virtually all cities possessed by the Greeks

This family of shabby rulers and despots came to take over europe and were the jerks that let the Muslims take over our beautiful eastern Roman Empire cities. What a bunch of F-kers! Yehp! Well these same pathetic F-kers now have THEIR symbol in every frigging “Fed” bank in America. Look at their flag. Then look at our temples of money and the symbols on them. Take a frigging guess it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out!

In every fed is a eagle, the American eagle right?
In every fed is a eagle, the American eagle right?

Hmm maybe it’s this eagle?

Palaeologoi eagle XV c Byzantine miniature
Palaeologoi eagle XV c Byzantine miniature

Now what was THEIR flag back in the 13th century before the dutch east india company?


The fire striker symbol “B” means to melt GOLD. That is whats on it. You need fire to melt gold. That symbol is a fire striker, a match if you will. Ok now lets look at the old coat of arms eagle from medieval times:

Alexander—Attributed coat of arms of the House of Palaiologos—2011

Look at the chest. Do you see those white flags with the red crosses? Look at the other flags, the red flags with the symbols. There around it, are four Bs, the House of Palaiologos.

Ok now lets look at the Rothschilds symbol (they founded the central banks across europe and our own)


And what have we here? The Lion and The eagle, the same as on the outside of the federal reserve. And four arrows in a fist. What are the four arrows? The four banks – Dutch, Germany, England, and the USA – all clenched in the fist of the Rothschilds. The symbol of the US treasury is One arrow, but represented as what the Arrows really are – KEYS. Bank vault KEYS.

one bank vault "key" one of the four Keys or Arrows that the Rothschild empire owns
one bank vault “key” one of the four Keys or Arrows that the Rothschild empire owns

The main rothschild symbol emphasizes this

rothschild 94 logo (1)

and now.. for the final mind blowing moment. What is on the TREASURY seal of the united states?

fed bank blueprints 3

fed bank blueprints

AALrBwifed bank blueprints2