With the news that welcoming in sick Africans into Spain just as they welcomed sick Africans into America, has resulted in a nurse developing Ebola, the contagion paths are horrific. Will 100 million Europeans die? The truth is no one knows the devastating impact that these early decisions can have, so why not make them on the side of extreme caution?

The reason to be so terrified is the incubation period. A patient can show no signs for weeks and infect hundreds of people as they go around in their daily business.

Do the math. One person, patient zero in America, infected 1000 people. His non-treated vomit, probably infected the cleanup workers and went down the drain to infect 100 more people. The ambulance he rode in wasn’t cleaned so it infected another 20. The apartment he was in wasn’t disinfected for days so that infected another 20. Those 200 people will each infect 200 more people in three weeks before symptoms hit. Thats 40,000 people. Those 40,000 people will infect 8 million in another 3 weeks. And in another three weeks those 8 million will have spread to the entire world. Thats 9 weeks from the death of the planet. Its really that bad.

In response to this the Government has refused to close the airports to airplanes from africa. No not just liberia, all of africa needs to be quarantined if there is any hope at all.

The military needs to seize power, if not a full coup, then march into airports and turn planes back away from america. There are 40 airports, and 100 troops each should handle it. Is the military going to stand by and watch the death of our entire nation? Because you can be sure Obama won’t do anything.

The nurse is said to be the first person in the current outbreak known to have contracted Ebola outside Africa.

Health Minister Ana Mato said the woman was part of the team that treated Spanish priest Manuel Garcia Viejo, who died of the virus on 25 September.

Some 3,400 people have died in the outbreak – mostly in West Africa.

The Spanish nurse is in a stable condition, Reuters quoted health officials as saying. She started to feel ill last week when she was on holiday.

The nurse was admitted to hospital in Alcorcon, near Madrid, on Monday morning with a high fever, Ms Mato said.

Doctors isolated the emergency treatment room.

The infection was confirmed by two tests, the minister said.

File photo of Manuel Garcia Viejo at San Juan de Dios hospital in Lusar, Sierra LeoneManuel Garcia Viejo, seen in a file photo, was the second Spanish priest to be repatriated from Africa with Ebola