The trip from Austin to Dallas takes five hours and 49 minutes by train. By car it’s three hours. 211 miles.

Thats a pretty good statement that our train system is beyond antique. It’s absolutely rubbish. America is running itself into debt spending everything on war and an un-needed security state. China is doing the same, but building cities and high speed trains. When our debt bubble pops, we will be left with 1930s infrastructure across the nation and 1930s speed train travel. When china’s pops, they will at least have a highly modernized infrastructure.

America will become a big tourist destination – for other modern nations to see what it’s like to live in a primitive antique society.’

‘It’s the same with our massive swaths of impoverished and lack of middle class. For many Europeans, we will be like visiting a Charles Dickins play writ large – “More Gruel Please?”

Oh look, the high speed train less industry less nation whose leaders shipped the infrastructure off to China.

And don’t forget to visit NYC where they European middle classes can Oogle the billionaires who stole the wealth away in “banks” aka “money gulping machines” and Hedge funds aka “Money gulping machines who cheat crazily”

Mommy why don’t we have billionaires on every corner? asked a wild eyed child from Germany. Oh, well our nation didn’t hand the bankers 23 trillion dollars to reward them for financial mismanagement.