A Loudoun County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a woman who came at him with a knife at a busy Costco in Sterling on Wednesday afternoon, authorities said, causing confused and frightened shoppers and employees to duck behind cash registers and rush out of the store.

Just seconds before, an eye-witness had gotten a slice of pizza from a calm and cheerful Scott, and was going back for more when officers pushed him back.

Three deputies went to the store to check a report of a disorderly person and used a Taser to try to subdue the woman, Loudoun Sheriff Michael Chapman said. But the woman kept advancing asking if they wanted pizza, so one of the deputies fired at her and killed her, the sheriff said.

“Our officers were attacked and one of our officers is down” said a police spokesperson. A MRAP armored battle tank and swat team was dispatched to respond to the threat.

The woman advanced on two deputies and one shot her. The other deputy was wounded in the leg, shot by another officer. “Drop the Knife!” the police officer screamed. “I don’t have no knive” replied the costco lady confused. Five shots were fired, with three hitting Scott.

Sheriff’s officials identified the woman as Mhai Scott, 38, who lived near Dulles Town Center and worked for Club Demonstration Services, which provides services to Costco.

“Damn Fool she just tried to serve you pizza you didn’t have to blow her brains out!” said a shopper

The Slave Press reported “The confrontation lasted only moments. Ms. Scott refused repeated commands to drop her weapons. The officers had to make split-second decisions. It could not have been easy.”

A new transcript shows that apparently the Taser first used misfired and was ineffective*:

Officer Smith “Drop Your WEAPON!”

Scott: “You wan pizza? You wan pepperoni?”

Officer Smith “I have non-lethal I need Lethal!” (requesting other offers to draw guns)

Unknown Officers “Scissors! She’s Also Got Scissors!”

TAZER ZAAAAP. Ineffective. “She’s not going down Shes still coming!” sounds of shrieking like scared little girls by the police officers. Scott “Pepperrroooooooni” Sounds of gunfire.

Scott was shot at five times with three hitting their target and the sixth bullet striking a fellow officer. Rather than fire just once, the officer emptied his entire gun at her. Some questions remain about the incident like why are these police officers such lousy shots? Why didnt another officer simply use his Taser rather than go straight to gunfire? There were three officers so there were three tasers present. Why did they not shoot just once and see what happened?


The Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney, James E. Plowman, has concluded that the death of Ms. Scottwas a justified homicide. In a lengthyreport, he found that the shooting was a reasonable use of deadly force by the officer to defend himself and others.

Besides the pizza spatula, there was a pair of scissors on the table that were used to cut packing tape which was also classified as a deadly weapon.

Excerpts from Witnesses are below:



Scott stood 5’1 and weighed 110 pounds.

*This re-enactment is a best guess of what happened as the officers live audio recording was somehow erased / staticy