William, or Will I Am as he likes to be called, who supported Obama with the Yes We Can song and probably doesn’t think that is a mistake, is out hoofing for Puls, a thick chunky black watch thingie.

The problem is, they take the Think Different tag from Apple, but try to throw in all the crap that is bullshit, like graffiti tagging, and hip hop music. Sorry, this is NOT innovative as looking at any hip hop song will show you. Instead of going to the moon, we just draw a graffiti tag of someone in a spacesuit. Go team.

Punk is also mentioned as “think different” yet punk is now old. Like when you go to a club and all 2000 people are being different by looking exactly the same.

I was at whole foods and three men were all wearing dopey baseball caps, chunky ray ban style prescription glasses, were thin with 30 something beards. Three. All next to each other. Was this a MEME of the granola class? I dunno.

“The Geeks” Ok now you’ve gone too far. Geek was never a positive word and no real technologist would ever call themself a “geek”. Yet, in the commercial, the dopey hip hop artist who got lucky with a one hit wonder probably because it called the government out on it’s war state yet said nothing new against Obama when he did the same thing, well, he got filthy rich and the rest is history.

Something about this video I found useful, when I’m dieting it’s a great way to puke. Get the Puls watch, be trendy, be a loser. Yehp. Calling on us to be different by re-spinning the “think different” campaign yet again, the irony staggers one equanimity. There is a new word I think they should adopt for their new product that Willima can get behind, how about calling it “the lame”