I was filling out a job application and they asked me about my “ethnicity” and about my “race”. Under ethnicity they listed: White, Hispanic, Asian, Black, Pacific Islander, Hawaiian Native, Eskimoo

Now the first thing that struck me as odd is aren’t more AmerInd races genetically similar? Why do we have three classes for them? And then the other problem, Hispanic, that’s not a race at all. Its a language. Which is why now there is another box which asks me to classify my RACE as White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or two or more races. So you can be a white or a black or asian Hispanic.

Where’s the box for “Italian” I wondered. Theres 9 million Italians in America and over 80 million hispanics if you count the illegals. If the goals of these boxes is to grant preferences as Sotoyamaya tells us “Race Matters” as she pushed the supreme court twice to accept affirmitive action, then these boxes should reflect things accuratly. But they dont. And that’s when you begin to realize that race and the bleeding heart liberal who wants to help those teeming poor developing peoples is nothing but a crock.

In the early part of this century it was in several states legal to rape a woman IF she was Black or … wait for it… Italian. Yes that’s right. Italians faced horrific persecution and oppression in this country, just like blacks did. Anyone who says Italians were never slaves needs to re-study the industrial revolution.

So again I ask, where is my box? Where are MY preferences for being a minority discriminated group? Oh well you see.. all YOUSE OTHERS IS WHITE!

YEHP. Tell it MAMA!

Our entire political system does not achieve the Martin Luther King ideal of RACE BLINDNESS but instead instutionalized RACISM. This is preposterous. And of course those check boxes do not matter because in my work industry, they simply pay off the gubment and no one ever cares that no blacks work in what I do.

Now lets get back to the trouble they get into when they try to explain to us just WHAT hispanic is. Because it ISN’T just speaking spanish. Some will say it’s people of spanish speaking origin. Yet they still want to exclude Spain all too often. Spainairds are white Europanics. They lack the AmerIndian blood that characterizes the vast majority of people who arrive here from Mexico. Some give a list of countries. Some say they want “Latinos” but I always think HEY didn’t my people INVENT LATIN! Don’t I qualify for that box then?

Now I wanted to talk about “The White Difference” and that is, we don’t breed in captivity. Its a fact. There are some births. But drastically few. We recognize a slave state and stop forming marriage bonds and stop having children. Asians do not. The Chinese population therefore grows astronomically always at carrying capacity and rife with starvation or meager existence. This creates huge populations of labor for wretched American capitalists, who NORMALLY would have to concede to a declining labor force due to slavery conditions, and begin to offer more perks, instead they actually just say STUFF IT and move to China.

This places the existing white population into further slave duress and less reproduction. Then by opening the borders it’s a fiat accompli and the end of the society. Eventually nations like Rome had too many foreigners to defend and when they were finally attacked few bothered to fight for the nation. If the Chinese landed in Mexicanized California, would any of them fight back? I doubt it. “Dude you’re parking your tank in the space at whole foods reserved for my Prius” and that would be about it.

So it’s these predictable policies that are going on. I suggest a general strike. Stop producing. Get out of their systems or go to nations that don’t treat their citizens like dirt… errr well there aren’t any really. So we need a new nation. Grab a large island somewhere. And if the nation that makes claims to it bombs us just warn them off of serious consequences if they continue. We’re the smart productive ones after all… I’m sure we could figure out ways to make them take us seriously. You know Sri Lanka or is it Ceylon is ripe for the picking with the right people. Yes Yes millions will die. Millions died for Israel to create a homeland for the Jews and they weren’t even smart enough to PICK an island! How about we just buy an island from broke Italy like Corsica? The natives can keep farming and making good food like they always have. Oh that’s right I forgot we are slaves and don’t get an island. Well maybe I will start filling in my check boxes as

[ ] White

[ ] Black

[ ] Hispanic

[x]    ITALIAN