Uhm yah, especially to little boys!

We at the collapse report respect and love our gay brothers and sisters, but gay priests bending little john over on the alter is a bit too much for my giblets. The edict reads:

on Oct. 13, there emanated from the Synod on the Family in Rome a 12-page report from a committee picked by Pope Francis himself — and the secondary explosions have not ceased.

The report recognized the “positive aspects of civil unions and cohabitation” and said “homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community.” As for Catholics who divorce and remarry without an annulment, we must avoid “any language or behavior that might make them feel discriminated against.”

The problem with such an edict is… they kinda sorta have to throw the little boy rapists out of the catholic church first. Instead the church just reassigns them to south american countries where they go on raping seven year olds up the butt. ick.

The pope needs to come out and make a statement. Strongly. And at the same time DEFROCK and damn to HELL about 100 priests. Then, THEN they can start cozying up to the gay and lesbian community.