This article may disturb you. You may never sleep right again. This article is the red pill. It contains truth, nothing more. Be warned. You may feel so twisted up inside after reading it you may wander in days in a daze. There is a reason this information is being withheld from you. This information will shatter your concepts of real history. Or it will be no big deal. Maybe I’m wrong. So take a gulp of air. Steady yourself. Get ready for this. This took me twenty years to get to. I’m giving you the ride in five minutes.

It starts with a Joy Division song. Two of them actually. I first started listening to Joy Division in my sophomore year of college. Sophomore year was when I threw my hands up and became disillusioned by college. My professors were all idiots and I was flunking the one subject I loved – chemistry – after a series of perfect As on the practicals, because I stopped going out of boredom. I thought maybe I could recover on the final, but the teacher flunked me anyways out of spite. That was a big lesson for me. How our new learning had destroyed learning. Had taken all the passion and soul out of it to spoon feed it to not very bright debutantes and guys with porsches. But beyond all that, I did learn one thing that year, better than my womyns studies course. I found Joy Division.

Wikipedia learns us – “an English rock band formed in 1976 in Salford, Greater Manchester. Originally named Warsaw, the band primarily consisted of Ian Curtis (vocals and occasional guitar), Bernard Sumner (guitar and keyboards),[1] Peter Hook (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Stephen Morris (drums and percussion).”

By the way, Ian Curtis is a god, more fit to be here than any of you and if you don’t know that you suck.

But Ian took his life. He had recently divorced and had epileptic seizures on stage which the audience cheered as a new form of dancing, until he fell down and kept twitching. His taking his life over that is one of the great losses to humanity. Truth be told, he could have performed fine, and hired big guys to just carry him off to a quiet room if he started seizing out, and then return to stage later. We all would have loved him so much regardless. He just didn’t know that. I try to remember the story of Ian Curtis when I think about taking my own life. You should too.

I’m rambling. Stick with me. It’s not that much longer to go. Ok well we all listened to Closer which came out in 1980 and the song “love will tear us apart” and the very last song is so riviting – Decades.

Here are the young men, the weight on their shoulders,
Here are the young men, well where have they been?
We knocked on the doors of hell’s darker chamber,
Pushed to the limit, we dragged ourselves in,
Watched from the wings as the scenes were replaying,
We saw ourselves now as we never had seen.
Portrayal of the trauma and degeneration,
The sorrows we suffered and never were free.

Anyways, this album had come out, their American tour was about to start, and something as big as the Beatles was about to hit America. But it didn’t. Because Ian took his life. The remaining members formed the less gloomy New Order, a great synth band.

Now, there was another album – Substance – which I didn’t quite like so much. It was more hard core and not as gloomy as closer. And I didn’t understand it. I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND IT. But I didn’t know it at that time.

I had the album substance. Which starts out with Warsaw, the bands original name taken from a Bowie song, and leaders of men. Now I have a principle – the first thing someone writes, is often their most powerful thing. And Warsaw is just that.

Both songs were on their first album – An Ideal for Living – which featured a Hitler Jungen banging a drum on the cover. Clearly this was a message about WWII and Hitler. The band was against the neo nazi movement and against forgetting WWII. But what was their message. Well it’s bloody encrypted. Let’s take a look.

First before I jump to the golden goose, their very first song, here are the lyrics from Leaders of Men which is just powerful.

Born from some mother’s womb,
Just like any other room.
Made a promise for a new life.
Made a victim out of your life.

When your time’s on the door,
And it drips to the floor,
And you feel you can touch,
All the noise is too much,
And the seeds that are sown,
Are no longer your own.

Just a minor operation,
To force a final ultimatum.
Thousand words are spoken loud,
Reach the dumb to fool the crowd.

When you walk down the street,
And the sound’s not so sweet,
And you wish you could hide,
Maybe go for a ride,
To some peep show arcade,
Where the future’s not made.

A nightmare situation,
Infiltrate imagination,
Smacks of past holy wars,
By the wall with broken laws.

The leaders of men,
Born out of your frustration.
The leaders of men,
Just a strange infatuation.
The leaders of men,
Made a promise for a new life.
No saviour for our sakes,
To twist the internees of hate,
Self induced manipulation,
To crush all thoughts of mass salvation.

It really says it all about government stealing our lives away. We had a new free life promised but they took it. From our birth genital mutilation to being slammed into schools. told to compete, Cubicles. Crushed until we die or are old and feeble. I didn’t know this except abstractly in college. Only when it HAPPENED TO ME did I know in my gut.

Now I don’t link to tracks, but I encourage you to listen to both songs if you havent or havent in a while, after this article is done.

But it gets better still. Their first song, their first song ever, their most important song, goes as follows:

3, 5, 0, 1, 2, 5

I was there in the back stage
When this light came around
I grew up like a changeling
To win the first time around

I can see all the weakness
I can pick all the faults
Well, I concede all the faith tests
Just to stick in your throats

31G, 31G, 31G

Hung around in your soundtrack
To mirror all that you’ve done
To find the right side of reason
To kill the three lies for one

I can see all the cold facts
I can see through your eyes
All this talk made no contact
No matter how hard we tried

31G, 31G, 31G

I can still hear the footsteps
I can see only walls
I slid into your man-traps
With no hearin’ at all

I just see contradiction
Had to give up the fight
Just to live in the past tense
To make believe you were right

31G, 31G, 31G

3, 5, 0, 1, 2, 5

Interestingly enough, the song has co-writers of Brian Eno and David Bowie. Is that right? how on earth! What is this cryptic stuff in the song? We listened to it sang it screamed it and never asked. It took me 20 years to know.

The song is about Hess (HeB), not the HESS from Nurenberg trials the camp commander. No, Rudolf Hess, the NUMBER TWO in Hitler’s inner cabal the deputy Fuhrer. Here is his formal entry in Wikipedia.

“Appointed Deputy Führer to Adolf Hitler in 1933, he served in this position until 1941, when he flew solo to Scotland in an attempt to negotiate peace with the United Kingdom during World War II. He was taken prisoner and eventually was convicted of crimes against peace, serving a life sentence (in solitary confinement)”

Hess, who was willing to sacrifice it all and throw away the number 2 position in government in an attempt to GAIN peace, was sentenced to life in prison for crimes against peace. Let that sink in for a minute.

Hess shared the Jail cell with Hitler after the Beer Hall Putsch failure. Hess helped Hitler write Mein Kampf. Was Hess close to Hitler? Nawww, just a wee little bit. Some say they were lovers. Hess even had the power to sign laws! “Hess signed into law much of the legislation, including the Nuremberg Laws of 1935”

He was not out for power or money – “Hess did not build a power base or develop a coterie of followers. He was motivated by his loyalty to Hitler and a desire to be useful to him; he did not seek power or prestige[35][43] or take advantage of his position to accumulate personal wealth. He lived in a modest house in Munich.”

So why on the eve of Operation Barbarossa, did Hess travel alone in a specially modified plane, to Scottland to try to meet the Duke of Hamilton with a message of peace and negotiation from Hitler, and a signed letter from Hitler in his pocket? Hitler had lost Earnst Rohm, outed as a Homosexual, and now Hess was his key and only remaining man on the leadership table, opposed by vicious communistic warmongers Goering and Himmler. Three on two, their opinions would win out. Two on two, it was a struggle. and now Hitler would send Hess away, possibly forever, leaving him alone with the warmongers.

Remember back in those days, such a huge solo flight was at the absolute edge of what was possible. A specially built plane with extra tanks and extra oxygen was put together for it. This was dangerous all around. And to try it in wartime was insanity. But still, they did try.

Now picture this clearly. Opposed by vicious warmongers in his own cabinet, Hitler wanted an end to the war with Britain. They were all the WHITE race, not jews or blacks or arabs. They should not be fighting. Hitler’s goal had always been unification of his splintered people, NOT world domination. and Hess’s trip proves it. It proves it it proves it it f-kin beyond a doubt proves it to the world. And the British KNEW that.

So what did the British do with Hess?

“Hess said he had an important message for the Duke of Hamilton. McLean helped Hess to his nearby cottage and contacted the local Home Guard unit, who escorted the captive to their headquarters in Busby, East Renfrewshire. He was next taken to the police station at Giffnock, arriving sometime after midnight; he was searched and his possessions confiscated. Hess repeatedly requested to meet with the Duke of Hamilton during questioning undertaken with the aid of an interpreter by Major Graham Donald, the area commandant of Royal Observer Corps. After the interview Hess was taken under guard to Maryhill Barracks in Glasgow, where his injuries were treated. By this time some of his captors suspected Hess’ true identity, though he continued to insist his name was Horn.[75][76]
Part of the fuselage of Hess’ Bf 110. Imperial War Museum (2008)

Hamilton had been on duty as Wing Commander at RAF Turnhouse near Edinburgh when Hess had arrived, and his station had been one of those that had tracked the progress of the flight. He arrived at Maryhill Barracks the next morning, and after examining Hess’ effects, he met alone with the prisoner. Hess immediately admitted his true identity and outlined the reason for his flight. Hamilton told Hess that he hoped to continue the conversation with the aid of an interpreter; Hess could speak English well, but was having trouble understanding Hamilton. After the meeting, Hamilton examined the remains of the Messerschmitt in the company of an intelligence officer, then returned to Turnhouse, where he made arrangements through the Foreign Office to meet with Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who was at Ditchley for the weekend. They had some preliminary talks that night, and Hamilton accompanied Churchill back to London the next day, where they both met with members of the War Cabinet.”

So the message WAS delivered to Churchill. And the letter as well no doubt. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. The war would end! WWII would come to a peaceful end with negotiation. YAY! No more millions dying.

Well, no. Apparently Churchill had ideas OTHER THAN PEACE. Hess was arrested tried and kept in solitary confinement. “while Hess accepted responsibility for the many decrees he had signed, he said these matters were part of the internal workings of a sovereign state and thus outside the purview of a war crimes trial”

Without Hess, Hitler caved in to the demands for war against Russia and Operation Barbarossa commenced. And the world exploded. More than 100 million died.

Hess died on 17 August 1987 at the age of 93 in a summer house that had been set up in the prison garden as a reading room. He took an extension cord from one of the lamps, strung it over a window latch, and hanged himself. Many say he was killed. He was never allowed to speak to the press. Wolf Rüdiger Hess repeatedly claimed that his father had been murdered by the British Secret Intelligence Service to prevent him from revealing information about British misconduct during the war. He had never been allowed to speak to the press or give a statement of his mission for peace.

And the Joy Division song? 31G-350125 is the serial number given to Rudolf Hess during his imprisonment after WWII. A turning point. A different world. America had not entered the war yet. A peace movement could have occured. None of World War II had to happen past 1941 and Hess’ flight. But it did because Churchill was a right bastard. And that is the big secret that has been kept by keeping a man in prison his entire life unable to speak. A secret you did not know until reading this today. And more importantly, the vision painted of Hitler as a monster can no longer hold up to the light of truth. Hitler was freeing his nation from opression and feeding his starving people. With the loss of Rohm and Hess, a different control structure emerged, and Hitler, almost a mere figurehead then, looked on in sadness as the world of war spun out of control. And truly, the loss of Hess must have effected Hitler deeply. Why not go to war then, why not go balls to the wall with war, the world had rejected peace!

And we come back to the song – “All this talk made no contact, No matter how hard we tried” Which is exactly what happened to Hitler and Hess. They tried to the point of sacrificing their control of power for peace. But the blockheaded British couldn’t accept it.

A fragment of a draft of Hess’ letter still survives in Austria today. Written longhand by Hitler in English it goes –

Dear Mr. Churchill,

We are both great nations. I never had any intention of bringing this war to your people I have always admired and respected the British people. In my sincere wish for peace I have sent my most trusted person, Rudolf Hess, to bring this letter to you and to implore you to join me at the negotiating table and bring a swift end to this war. The peoples of both our countries have suffered enough that … (fragment ends)

Yes one could argue that Hitler started the war. The evidence in Poland is not clear. But it was England who upheld the Polish treaty against Germany. Over the tiny piece of Danzig filled with German citizens. Hitler’s reasoning, to unify his people, is no different than what belies every national boundary. Italy did the same when becoming a nation. Why did the Croats fight the serbs? To have a unified race of their people. What is happening in the Ukraine now, as the Russian crimean peoples start to break away from the Ukranian peoples. Countries have always been defined by race. All but one. And a jewish trillionaire cabal which steals all our profit, siphoning it away via the central banking system, has pushed harder and hard to make this concept of multi-culturalism which has DESTROYED America a truth and a winning hand. But when you look at America city by city, those that are the most multicultural are the most destroyed and broke. Detroit. Now Chicago failing. Ameirica was powerful when it was a culture of Europanic peoples -90% for much of its existence. At 60% Europanic it is a crumbling waste and at 40% Europanic it will be the third world. That is destiny. And it is a destiny being driven by the globalists, the private banking cabal (the Rothschilds, Morgans, Loebs, ets) which is a hybrid of powerful American money families and powerful Jewish banking families.

The capture of Hess was the biggest secret of WWII bigger than even the atom bomb. And fewer people know about it even today. It would shatter the world view of the Leftists if they had to confront the reality of a Hitler seeking peace so instead they are dismissive of it “Oh Hitler didn’t really write the letter, Hess acted alone, Hess was just trying to save his own skin” none of that pans out at all.

Hitlers message that Jews were a destructive fifth colum out to destroy his country, and certainly the fact that they destroyed it with the peace treaty reparations which jewish elements were strongly behind, cannot be disputed. America, in accepting the converse – that jews are just lovely and multiculturism and a nation flooded by the third world is just a great way to be – has been swindled and destroyed. The private banking cabal are not just Jews anymore, it has grown into a new elite. But it is these ideas, of communism, multiculturalism, and wanting massive third world immigration to “protect” them from the white race, are all strictly of jewish origen. And if America is to survive, we need to first wake up to the true history of WWII, and reconsider Hitlers denunciation of the jewish ideology if not the people. That is not to say the solution is to round up the jews and put them into labor camps and expel them from America – it is not. But to free America from the private banking cartel of the Rothschilds, which we had to do in our first Revolutionary war, and to end this onslaught of immigration and multicultural push which is all funded by this cartel as they control our politicians, is critical. We need to wake up.

31G !

31G !

31G !

To me that is “WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!”

The truth is out there. You just have to be able to overturn your programming. Scream along to Joy Division and it might just happen.

—- article excerpt by Rudolf Hess’ Son

One indication that Hess said more than is now known is contained in a note prepared on June 3, 1941, by Ralph Murray of the “Political Warfare Executive” — a top secret British government agency — for Sir Reginald Leeper, head of the secret service section of the Foreign Office. This document suggests that Secretary of State Cadogan also had a conversation with Rudolf Hess.

The purpose and context of this conversation still cannot be determined: The available information is still not complete. Nevertheless, it appears that during the course of this conversation the Deputy Führer was even more specific and detailed about his proposals than he was in some later conversations.

These were Hess’ proposals:

One: Germany and Britain would reach a compromise on world-wide policy based on the status quo. That is, Germany would not attack Russia to secure German Lebensraum [“living space”].

Two: Germany would drop its claims to its former colonies, and would acknowledge British hegemony at sea. In return, Britain would acknowledge continental Europe as a German sphere of interest.

Three: The then-current relationship of military strength between Germany and Britain in the air and on the sea would be maintained. That is, Britain would not receive any reinforcements from the United States. Although there was no mention of land forces, it can be assumed that this balance of forces would be maintained in this regard as well.

Four: Germany would withdraw from “Metropolitan France” [European France] after the total disarmament of the French army and navy. German commissioners would remain in French North Africa, and German troops would remain in Libya for five years after the conclusion of peace.

Five: Within two years after the conclusion of peace, Germany would establish satellite states in Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Serbia. However, Germany would withdraw from Norway, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece (except for Crete, which German parachutists had taken at the of May, 1941). After some rounding-off in the East, North, West and South (Austria and Bohemia-Moravia were apparently to remain within the Reich), Germany would thus concede Britain’s position in the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East.

Six: Germany would recognize Ethiopia and the Red Sea as a British sphere of influence.

Seven: The person to whom the Deputy Führer was speaking was somewhat confused about whether Italy had approved Hess’ peace proposals. Hess himself said nothing about this, although points four and six would have considerably affected Italian interests.

Eight: Rudolf Hess admitted that Hitler had agreed in advance to the official “cover story” put out in Germany that he was of “unsound mind.”

This peace proposal would indeed have brought peace to the world in 1941. If Britain had negotiated with Germany on this basis, the German attack against Russia — which began less than three weeks later, on June 22, 1941 — would not have taken place, because Hitler would have obtained what he needed for survival: control of the continent. The war would have withered away on all fronts.

Instead, as we know, the war continued — bringing destruction, suffering and death on an almost unimaginable scale — because the outstretched hand of peace was rejected by Churchill and Roosevelt. The peace they sought was a Carthaginian one. Their sole war aim was the destruction of Germany.

After initial interviews with Rudolf Hess conducted by the Duke of Hamilton and Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick in Glasgow, my father was interviewed on June 9, 1941, by Lord Simon, the Lord Chancellor, and on September 9, 1941, by Lord Beaverbrook, Minister for Aircraft Production. A few days later, Beaverbrook flew to Moscow to arrange for military aid to the Soviet Union. These two interviews were motivated not by any desire for peace, but were instead merely to pry out any possible military secrets from Hess.


After September 1941 my father was completely isolated. On June 25, 1942, he was transferred to Abergavenny in south Wales, where he was kept prisoner until he was flown to Nuremberg on October 8, 1945, to stand trial as a “major war criminal” and as the second-ranking defendant in the so-called “International Military Tribunal.”

I will not go into detail here about this shameful “victors’ trial of the vanquished,” except to note that even the Tribunal’s Allied judges had to exonerate my father of the charges of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity,” but ruled that he — the one man who had risked his life to secure peace — was guilty of “crimes against peace,” and, on that basis, sentenced him to life imprisonment! The court’s treatment of Hess is alone more than enough to dismiss the Nuremberg Tribunal as a vengeful victors’ kangaroo court that merely pretended to be a genuine forum of justice.