The psychosis of the left is complex, but now it is resulting in genocidal action against America by letting Ebola into the country. How does this happen? Where does this come from? Well it’s a long journey. But one that will end with many tragic deaths in America.

The psychosis of the left begins with a GUILT over Prosperity. This guilt comes directly from a incorrect understanding of egalitarianism and a refusal to accept racial reality and genetic difference. Even though breeders of dogs can tell you over and over that different breeds have different temperaments and different levels of intelligence, the LEFT psychotype REJECTS this possibility in humans. In their world view all humans are equal. And it comes back to Jefferson proclaiming “All men are created equal” but Jefferson was saying “All men are created equal (not as Kings and Subjects)”.

Now some breeds of men reproduce massively even in face of SCARCITY and other breeds reproduce less and put their energy into raising their few children with all their resources. This strategy will CEASE to BREED under captivity or lack of resource conditions. This is the Europanic Race. The asian race also conserves for their limited offspring but does not cease to breed in lack of resource conditions. And finally the mestizo and amerind and negroid races, who simply breed as much as possible regardless. There is nothing WRONG with these differences NOR with their strategies. But it wreaks havoc on Europanic originated nations when these other breeds are brought in like a weed overproducing and overconsuming resources.

The psychosis of the LEFT cannot understand any of this so they look at the teeming masses of poor which is the result of these other breeding proclivities and also their lesser intelligence (another thing they refuse to recognize – the slow breeding strategy prizes intelligence and de-selects for low intelligence) – well they look at these teeming masses of the poor and feel that somehow this must be the result of their own groups DISCRIMINATION, WRONGFUL discrimination against them. It is not simply a result of the breeds natural proclivities. Does this bear out?

Yes says the left, look at SLAVERY. We oppressed these people and the result was they were poor. And their children would remain poor due to slavery for two hundred years after the practice was ended. Hmmm. Maybe. But what about Africa? They are also poor and not high IQ societies. NO says the left, that is because of western colonization, leave them alone and they will prosper!  I call this the South Africa argument, and ignoring the nations which were NEVER colonized in Africa yet still remain undeveloped and poor, I was a big supporter of ending Apartheid in South Africa. The result was across Africa genocide against whites and white farmers drove white people away. Now South Africa was free to pursue a black destiny and black leaders. And twenty years later we see the result – massive poverty and all the great works of the whites destroyed. The once beautiful cities now seem like third world slums. The parks are overturned wastelands filled with human feces. Was it whites that did this?

The psychosis of the LEFT maintains its world view against all logic. Another tenant of this world view is that we must therefore HELP all other peoples (how noble) and give them ALL THAT WE HAVE including our nation. This is our open border situation and lack of immigration enforcement. It all comes from the LEFT Psychosis. We don’t need borders or nations, lets all live together as one big happy family. And Sweden embraced this notion and imported africanized muslims into Malmo by the tens of thousands. Their rapid breeding quickly increased those numbers to millions and then the rape of their women began. They had never experienced rapes before not in these numbers and the animal mentality of the africanized genes and their innate urge to breed at any cost resulted in millions of innocent teens getting raped by gangs of animals.

Remember “That Girl” the Marlo Thomas TV Show? Marlo is Lebanese. But Lebanon let in a group of displaced palestinians. Twenty years later their first group of children had grown up and millions of Hamas soldiers were now inside Lebanon resulting in massive fighting. The new population of Lebanon is looking less and less like “That Girl”

America as well once looked like Danny Thomas and now is much more africanized. And that is the stated GOAL of the left, to destroy the white majority. Now that we have flooded the nation with non Europanic peoples our crime has gone up, our non-working population and welfare is skyrocketing, and our cities lacking resources are cumbling where this displacement is most evident. The most evident place of all is Detroit but any city where the population of non Europanics has increased to exceed 40% you can see direct evidence of this slummification and loss of the great culture that originally built it. Some say that even EGYPT was once a prospering caucasian culture which through interbreeding with the lower egyptian nubians changed to a mixed race and fell into ruin. And today when you visit Egypt you see a predominant brown skinned people. The same thing happened in India where the very most ancient monuments were built by a caucasian class and were amazing, but even with strict breeding laws maintained by the caste system, interbreeding resulted and now only a tiny 1% of the population has partial caucasian genes and are somewhat africanized. So we see this pattern over and over and over and over throughout history. Ask a leftist about it and they respond – that didn’t happen.

The leftist vision, that we are all the same with all the same potentials and all can be Einstein or NBA stars and all live in one big global country is a beautiful and happy one. The problem is, if we actually got there, it would be a nation of incredible poverty and violence. In the short term, we have to face issues like Muslims abusing our welfare systems to breed like crazy as a way to raise an army. Think that’s crazy talk ask Lebanon. The UK is now recognizing polygamy and giving out wefare to polygamist families. It has destroyed our educational system as trillions are spent to “rise up” blacks and hispanics to a minimal europanic level of ability while AP classes are canceled due to budget cuts (yes that has really happened). And remember, a dumbed down educational system with a few AP classes for our above average children still utterly ignores the education our genius level children require. Why aren’t we spending billions to “rise up” asians to blacks level of basketball playing? Sounds silly in that context doesn’t it? Where are the classes for poor white kids who fail to rap? Both are high paying careers our schools are failing these children! Our children need to be sorted – wheat from chaff – in the education system with higher performing kids going to separate schools without the thugs and bullies and disputers. And our smart kids need smarter higher paid teachers. At the college level it’s just fine to sort and judge kids, just not in high school or otherwise.

It effects our ability to be SPIRITUAL and CHRISTIAN, all require it seems the higher order brains of the Europanics. The mixed blood brains of the Hebrews do they achieve the same thing? Many are now athiests with their religion more of a RACIAL celebration than a religion (of course, that’s a harsh criticism but it is made by many). And it was this new order of atheists and their world view that brought the jewish marxist leaders to infest Russia and then take over funded by America and lead to the deaths of 100 million and the near extinction of that nation. Oh you can’t say that Hitler was bad too. Was he? (see The Truth About Hitler). Of course no one asks how come when the jews took over Russia and all the leadership positions that they did not declare Russia their new homeland and not need to bother with Israel? Because once in POWER they rejected all spirituality including jewish.

Herr Clinton recently expressed the psychosis of the Left in her statements:

“Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs,” Clinton said to a crowd in Boston, reminding everyone of her views on spending from the past, “The money has to go to the federal government because the federal government will spend that money better than the private sector will spend it.” And yet every measure shows that anything the government touches is inefficient and a money hole – look at Amtrack.

But now we have Ebola. And keeping the borders open will be a death sentence for our nation. Because people can enter infected but without symptoms for weeks. The pressure to keep the borders open comes from the LEFT PSYCHOSIS and it will be their undoing.