Patriot Mouse / Patriot News Network was always intended to be a collective of like minded souls. Our philosophy? A combination or Real News, Libertarian Politics, Cartoons and Race Realism. It isn’t right or left. It’s about calling it like it is and solving problems.

If you know a lot about something, why not share it in an article here.

What we are not: space UFOs, Big Foots, and NanoMachines. Nope sorry.

We do not write articles whose goal is to attack a group. We would welcome writers of any ethnicity. We try to distinguish between psycho zionists who are hell bent on flooding nations with immigrants vs. Jews. When we discuss black IQ we remember there are also black jazz musicians and poets (and that smart guy who posts on lewrockwell). Or the lemming non-creative stereotypes of asians. Italians for years are portrayed as mobsters.

But, still we want to dive into this stuff and confront the bad elements and wake up everyone as to what is going on. With our bad government, banking, the economy, the attack on intelligence, whats behind our nations warmongering, and our seemingly impossible future as a nation.


Interested? shoot an article with your real name, how you want to be credited, any link back (text and the url), and the article source to

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Our writers are not currently paid but as we grow they will be selected as our first staff hires!