A new report By the American Institute has found that as many as five thousand American software engineers are now homeless or worse, dead, after the onslaught of 500,000+ H-1B visas granted to foreign workers each year in America. There hasn’t been the job creation to support so many people come in and what has happened is a blood bath on rates, criminality and forgery by the immigrants as everyone is in a desperate fight over a paying job in America.

The corporations that run these “curry dens” think its all perfectly normal and if you are an employee there speaking up could get you fired. Because that’s racist. But in the end, America has turned it’s back on the best and brightest. And now, many are dying. How long before the next Joe Stack flies an airplane into another government building and no one cares? Yep just another lunatik, step aside, watch your sports games.

The companies that do this often are located in horrifically priced Silicon Valley. Since experience engineers cannot afford to live there, they often recruit from overseas. The results in basically age discrimination against the older more experienced engineers who seek the higher salaries that a life of dedication and hard work were supposed to lead to, instead they find themselves long term unemployed. They aren’t needed says the companies, we just hire the under 30s. And that’s ok, until it all goes hopelessly wrong like with ObamaCare and countless other projects where Indian labor was used. Just ask Boeing about their 787 Dreamliner or Intel about the Whitfield project. This mindset often ultimately is a disaster strategy for corporations. But they are so big and inflexible they don’t care.

But it’s more than that. It’s the MBA rich kid mindset that smart people are just “workers” and they are somehow better. They look down on hard working smart people and they want nothing more than to stuff it in their faces. And now, with the H-1b they are finally getting that chance.

One of the most frustrating parts of this battle is hearing Tech giants lying through their teeth about not being able to find qualified talent. Zukerberg and Gates have both been bending the arms of congress for years on the issue. They say the Americans are unqualified but many have utterly breathtaking backgrounds all state of the art and ivy league educations. “They just don’t want to pay they are greedy bastards” said Jerome Salming, a director for a local homeless group.

One has to ask what is the value of a MBA degree, a degree literally in nothing. Does it make any sense at all to get a degree in “business”. Maybe a one year executive management training program like they have today for experienced CEOs to be, but not for those wet behind the ears. But with daddies money, these once useless drugged out posers are transformed into tie wearing profitable employees even though they have no experience at all.

They win each battle, but as company after company goes belly up, the nation is dying because of it, like a cancer eating through industry after industry the same shuck and pluck strategy is killing off American Business.

There is no one to protest to. No one cares at all. Only the death of the entire nation will wake people up.