“We haven’t had meat since May (4 months)” said the food pantry worker. All around lines of Guatemalans, El-Salvadoreans, Hondurans, and Mexicans wait patiently. How many are in your family – “15” says the foreigner. They load up twelve shopping carts of foods. Now an American citizen gets her turn. How many in your family? “One” She gets a few cans of beans and not much else to make it through another month.

This sad state of affairs, which often effects BLACK Americans, is the policy of Barack Obama. America has plenty of room for everyone says Obama, and he let’s the murderers rapists and criminal illegal aliens go free, even after their fifth or sixth capture by law enforcement. Come to America, you can screw five year old girls and get away with it, says Obama’s let em go policies. And the word has gotten out.

Few government programs especially in California (now out of water) actually require you to be a citizen. And all children are automatically considered citizens and given free everything. One particularly abused program is the LA babysitting program where neighbors simply pretend to babysit each others kids and get an extra thousand dollars a month.

The American citizen has been utterly humiliated to the point that its about time to move to seattle and Oregon and just wall it off and declare a new nation. Let the open border people keep their doors open while a new nation of prosperity emerges. And yah, we’d probably need retinal scans and fingerprints to make sure people really belong there. But what choice is there.

Of course any state that plans to secede will meet brutal Lincoln esq policies of starvation and armies on their border, so whatever state is to be first will have to be well prepared for defense.

“How many in your family” “curanta cinco (45)” Man pushes 12 shopping carts to the back of his brand new Cadillac SUV.