another enslaved woman in the newly negroid Ilslamic Syria stares back helplessly
another enslaved woman in the newly negroid Ilslamic Syria stares back helplessly

It’s Midday Raqqa, the new headquarters of the ISIS army. Through the city the men chear and attend events and late night sermons on how to be Islam. But one thing is missing, the women. During the day a few are spotted. It is not legal for them to be out alone, even covered head to toe in the Niqab, an oppressive garmet that allows only the eyes to show. Vans labeled “religious police” modeled after Saudi Arabia patrol. Inside gangs of thug like men with long whips await any infraction. They glare at the woman this week, next week if she’s out alone without her owner, she will get whipped.

The van slows and a man is dragged out of a cafe. They pounce. Smoking in public, a serious crime. Across the street, a store that sells music is set ablaze. The speakers at the cafe that once played happy music are now silent. Another victim of Obama’s vision.

Why the Niqab? Well with africanized blood, these men cannot control their rape urges. They created a religion based on enslavement of women and the Niqab to keep a level of order. Without it, massive rapes of women would occur just like in Malmo. The consequences of interbreeding with Africans has now caused another large population of millions of women to become empty fuck puppets and slaves.

Hillary Clinton had a hand in it all too, she was busy toppling stable regimes like Qadaffy and Egypt and they too descended into Niqab hell for women. But nothing like this. The huge oil money that enriches Saudi Arabia has funded these rebels, along with America. Saudi Arabia is essentially a pickled stone age society, with a ruling class of a few ten thousand, the rest living in dire poverty. There are not taxes and the rulers work just two or three hours a day. Mostly planning new palaces or new fuck harems to fill with female slaves. Western women are highly prized as slaves and envoys are sent around the world to pluck them and secret them back. And now Syria too will have new harems and fuck slaves for the men. All part of a prehistoric blood lust culture that is stuck in the 11th century, the days of Salam and the old height of the culture before race mixing began. The culture that gave us the Zero and Algebra, now is mush, their brains permanently destroyed by negroid blood. Not much more than a bunch of savages with guns and too much money really. And another woman is whipped and beheaded. None dare stand up. For the christians, its certain death after days of rapes.

Why did Hillary Clinton and Barak O-blow-me support this horror? Because they both hate white people. They both hate free people. And they both seek to gain favor with the jews in Israel and the Saudi masters. It’s sickening. They should be rounded up, tried for treason, and get their just deserts. For Hillary, that’s to be sold of to a Harem in Raqqa as best I can tell.