A fired up President Barack Obama had a message to immigration activists at a dinner this evening in Washington, D.C.: “no force on earth can stop us.”

“The clearest path to change is to change” said Obama “Si se puede, si votamos! Yes, we can, if we vote!”

“You know, earlier this year, I had a chance to host a screening of the film Cesar Chavez at the White House, and I was reminded that Cesar organized for nearly 20 years before his first major victory. He never saw that time as a failure. Looking back, he said, I remember the families who joined our movement and paid dues long before there was any hope of winning contracts. I remember thinking then that with spirit like that, no force on earth could stop us.”

When noted that Cesar Chavaz was AGAINST illegal immigration Obama responded

“That’s the promise of America then and that’s the promise of America now. People who love this country can change it. America isn’t Congress. … The young person who comes out of the shadows to demand the right to dream. That’s what America is about.”

Biden argued that illegal immigrants should get free citizenship, full amnesty for breaking any laws, and full welfare benefits that aren’t even available to citizens. Obama cut him short though, stating, “That’s not nearly enough, we must welcome these people our immigration strategy targets 200 million new Americans by 2020 now how can you do that without incentives?”

When asked WHY that was his goal Obama replied

“six years ago, I asked you to believe, and tonight, I ask you to keep believing, not just in my ability to bring about change, but in your ability to bring about change. Because in the end, DREAMer is more than just a title, it’s a pretty good description of what it means to be an American. Cause you’re gonna have to dream that you have a job”

Republican Mitch McConnel countered that 500 billion new Americans could be achieved by 2020 with the republican plan which included free cars and houses for undocumented workers. But hispanics remained suspicious. When asked about the Bush family buying up water rights all across the Americas and if this strategy of flooding the nation with immigrants is just to make us run out of water like California, a snide democrat replied “That’s ridiculous, we have no strategy”