HHS officials said they had cut off tax credits for December for 120,000 households that hadn’t responded to requests for more information about their income. Another 112,000 people have had their coverage terminated because the federal government couldn’t confirm they were legally residing in the U.S. That number is down slightly from an earlier announcement from the federal government that it was cutting off 116,000 people over immigration and citizenship status issues.

That’s only the number they have found so far. Isn’t that outrageous? There were people no doubt signing up in hopes of free medical coverage. How many more are yet to come?

If they have the gall to sneak across a border in the middle of the night and STILL apply for free health care on a government site, and with no worries of deportation, imagine how many are voting in elections with impunity.

The truth is, without the “You Lie” outburst, illegal aliens were to have received health care. But after that, it became political football. They just couldn’t do it. So they make occasional checks.