Render Onto Burger King THAT which IS Burger King, oh the sad sad story of Kim Kardashian’s Butt. Once a gentle reminder of womanly curves, now it’s struggling containment in a pair of explosive Spanx pants and the spandex is screaming “Help me HELP ME”

Kingdoms on earth rise and fall, and the story of Kim’s enlarging bottom may be nature’s way of saying “STay Away” like a rattlesnake shaking it’s tail. There’s a dangerous Kanye Jiggabay in tow, and now it seems even her moma is dating a black man if you believe the tabloids.


Sadly, the real villian, the onset of middle age and teen years long past, a lifestyle of glamor and lights is never kind. Her bottom was an abberation, cute in childhood and teen years, but fully grown, a monster requiring a cave to hide in. Clearly the Kanye and Cheesburger diet isn’t working.

She was the poster child of black miscegenation, and while Armenian is a distant Europanic genome, it’s still rather shocking that racial mixing is so vaunted into the faces of impressionable teenage girls as just fine.

this is beauty? You've got to be kidding
this is beauty? You’ve got to be kidding

Bruce Jenner makes a better role model as a transgenic beauty than these scary people. Go Bruce! And please, go make more beautiful Kendall’s and other children while you still can! As for the race mixing horror you had to silently endure for years to try to make your snotty bratty daughters happy, we can only applaud you for your staunch resolve and equanimity.


While Bruce’s later years may be marred as the wimpy step-dad to scary race mixing daughters, He will always be our beloved wheaties box champion and decathalon winner. A man who sold his porsche to make his bitchy wife happy. They built a media empire worth tens of millions, paid for by a government and zionist banking ruling class desperate to destroy the nation, and what could do more damage than to see a high class family endorsing race mixing with their rich and glamorous children. Can we really blame Bruce for looking the other way, they were step daughters, Kris’ kids. It was Kris who made the decisions to allow it and really once the kids were 18 what could even she do about it? Certainly the parents had not set this example. So why was it happening with the children? Why did they think it normal and OK to do this? Years of mindless MTV black hustling messages? That would be a great interview question for Kim. Or was she simply preyed upon by the brother of a client she was a stylist/wardrobe consultant for? We might never know. But it is no shock they were offered a TV series. They are exactly the poison that the zionists hope to destroy America with. But it hasn’t ended well for any of them. In the end, they got fancy houses and cars for being the poster children for the destruction of our nation’s race. It’s a subliminal way to say, bring on the low IQ immigrants and invaders, all races can live in harmony and even date each other. Except, it doesn’t seem quite true. Khloe and Lamar are divorced and rumors swirl that Kan Ya (no I cant) and Kim are next. But at least she wasn’t eaten like so many black on white breakups that seem to end in cannibalism. I guess that part of the story is too much for mainstream american television.


Bruce, we love you male or female, but it’s time to have that talk with your daughters, no not the birds and the bees, the good girls and the ghetto hos.


The much deeper part to all of this is why do we know about any of these people at all? Because Jewish Hollywood executives found them and knew they could use them and their daughters black sex tape to push a message to darkening America, that this was now acceptable to high society. Kim sued Vivid for ownership of her sex tape with black Ray J, but dropped the suit in April 2007 and settled with Vivid Entertainment for $5 million. The family earns an alleged total of $10 million per season of the TV series which has been on since 2007. (Battaglio, Stephen; Schneider, Michael (August 26, 2013). “What They Earn”. TV Guide. pp. 16 – 20)

Still their time may be fading.

From nosediving ratings for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” to tanking sales of magazines featuring the Kardashian clan, it appears the obsession over the camera-ready clan is ending fast.Kim was once paid upwards of $600,000 just to appear at a Tao’s New Year’s Eve party in Las Vegas, and she and Khloe were often sought-after — and incredibly well-compensated — party guests the world over. But not so now, say party promoters who once ponied up thousands to get them in the door. “I’d pay her $600,000 personally not to go to Red Egg,” said Travis Bass, co-owner of the New York City nightspot. “Kim Kardashian would be crushing to us.” R. Couri Hay, a publicist who’s worked with them in years past, now hisses to the Post, “I’m bored with them,” and can’t imagine hiring, “Kim Kardashian and her little clunky sisters” again. – ABC News, Jan 16, 2012

Can we please get back to crying over Jennifer Aniston’s sad life Puh-LEASE!