It’s happened. The Jewish run media has slowly been pushing the pro-black pro-miscegenation pro-gang banging rape and crime message so hard for so long, that finally even institutions like candy-news Entertainment Tonight has turned utterly black and hispanic.

Nischelle Turner, Kevin Frazier and Rocsi Diaz are the new hosts of E! Entertainment Tonight TV show
Nischelle Turner, Kevin Frazier and Rocsi Diaz are the new hosts of E! Entertainment Tonight TV show

First Story? Lupita Nyong’o “She’s SOOO BEAUTIFUL” they gushed over and over. The actress won an academy award for supporting actress in 12 years a slave. And now, she’s cast in Star Wars VII. Yehp Star Wars.

Needing relief from this puke a thon, I caught the new TV show the flash. My hopes were high, I loved the flash. But there too the jews were seething with delight. Barry Allen’s principal love interest? A BLACK WOMAN


OK that’s just going too far. This is television not R rated movies. This is a show little kids watch. No matter say the Hollywood jews, they SHOULD emulate gang banging rapin whorin non-commital violent blacks who get free college and free rides BECAUSE that’s the American path to high paying jobs like the NFL and Rappin. That’s about all we got left now.



So then, I flipped to the NFL, BUT THERE, to my horror, a new song and a HUGE BLACK LOVE FEST making them GODS was the opener. PUKE VOMIT PUKE PUI   I cant go on please excuse me

As carrie underwood sings, a string of blacks glow like GODS.

Now the old Hank Williams Jr. “Are You ready for some football” never did this. But he did feature fighter jets and WAR images endlessly

But the new version, it’s all puke.

Here is the first HUMAN (not screen image) they show. If that isn’t god worship I don’t know what is. The next person, a white player, is just hum drum by comparison

sunday night 1

Ok the second person they show is white

sunday night 2

But the THIRD is Black again, and CHECK OUT THAT SNAKE IN HIS CROTCH! He TWERKS and Gyrates up and down with pelvic thrusting for effect. (yes I know, its just an effect of the lighting, but on a TV set, you see the snake trust me. Watch the video if you don’t believe it!)

sunday night 3

Football is now a black sport. Take a look at the roster of the chicago bears. 17 whites, 44 blacks. They wear WHITE arm sleeves to make it seem like there are more whites on the field than there are. But there aren’t. Checking the 1986 pictures fo the bears team revealed 30 whites and 20 blacks. So it’s not just the city. It’s a fundamental change that’s been going on, in our cities, our sports, our entertainment, and it’s all driven TO FUCKING MURDER US GOT IT! ITS TO FUCKING DESTROY AMERICA TO FUCK US OVER UNTIL WE FUCKING DIE!!!!! GET IT THROUGH YOUR FUCKING HEADS THIS IS FUCKING WAR AND WE ARE LOSING TO A BUNCH OF PSYCHOPATHIC JEWS WHO WANT TO FUCK OUR NATION INTO A HELL HOLE. Sorry, it’s the truth. No go watch your black ball while the nations dies you dumb ass.

Oh you didn’t see what I’m talking about, here I made a minor edit…

black nfl


On to #4 – a Mexican-ish person

sunday night 4

Person 5 is white. He stands there and moves his arms

sunday night 5

Person Six is white, notice he is wearing the same white pants as the earlier black, but no massive SNAKE in the front. He also stands there He is a Ken Doll, emasculated.

sunday night 6

Number seven is white, he throws a ball, no pelvic thrusting or trouser snake.

Well you be the judge. Is this over-reacting? In 1946 Marion Motley is the first black inwhite” professional football. Now it’s majority black. Progress you say? In figures reported by columnist Walter Williams, not only are black males 77 percent of the National Basketball Association, they are 67 percent of the players in the NFL.

Well you argue, NFL is a pure meritocracy if the whites were better players they would be there. Right? AIGHT?

NO! Because we know, the black genome is rapid maturation at the expense of  1) strength 2)intelligence. The strongest people are not blacks. What happens is in high school, blacks hit their pubertic push 2 years EARLIER than whites do.

Data gathered from 4,000 boys across the US revealed that, on average, white and Hispanic boys go through puberty around the age of ten, while the average age is nine for black boys.

Researchers working for the American Academy of Paediatrics said that a similar trend had been noticed in other countries, including the UK.

The doctors who volunteered for the study had examined young male patients for signs of puberty.

Nine per cent of white boys showed some signs of puberty at six, as did almost 20 per cent of black boys and 7 per cent of Hispanics, the AAP’s annual conference heard.

Overall, the average age of the onset of puberty was 18 months earlier than the long-considered figure of 11.5 years for white boys and two years earlier for black children, who had been thought to start developing aged 11. – Pediatrics, October 2012

So they glom and and take the sports positions in our rapidly blackifying schools. By college, many of those overlooked whites go on to be great players, except now, they are simply minor league players overlooked and not slotted for NFL positions. In basketball the situation is even worse, where the game was re-written and rules changed to support thug ball style like excessive traveling (and for years the refs rarely called out black players when they did this, only whites who were supposed to follow the rules, it’s been well documented over and over). Now if you look at the white players, you can bet they came out of high schools that were predominately white. Once in the college teams that push for NFL slots, they were able to complete their development and become pro. But today with the MAJORITY of our high schools now being 40%-50% non-white, this is happening less and less and only in the Morman belt and North West.

Now, lets be clear, here we support policies that will STRENGTHEN and EMPOWER black americans, their communities. This isn’t about being Anti-black. It’s about an agenda being imposed by a tiny minority of power brokers in America upon the unsuspecting brainwashed masses. These same policies have resulted in vast poverty among black Americans. Part of these policies is this Agenda to humiliate and denegrate the europanic Americans. If as a black American you cheer for this agenda and do not see the brain washing, you are also cheering for the modern form of slavery for your people. Race mixing, massive importing of third world peoples, ignoring crimes by invaders, destroying our jobs and moving work offshore, all of this JEWISH agenda is anti black as much as it is anti white. And it is not jewish Americans, it is a tiny power club majority who epitomize the leftist progressive agenda – You didn’t build that, Hard work is for losers, being smart is for losers, let’s push football and rap with millions of tax breaks so all those people get rich beyond rich while our hard working inventors and creators starve. It’s all a huge agenda to destroy this nation. I don’t have the solution for black and white america, but I do know, I would accept a libertarian black fighting for what this nation stands for over any white who is pushing this extremist destructive anti-american agenda. Personally I believe in separation for the time being. Until things improve. A time out. That goes against the grain of “the whole world is one happy family” until a 13 year old girl with blonde hair gets punched in the face 400 times and then raped 200 times by a gang of dark skinned youths. If blacks are in an outrage over Ferguson and the shooting of a black who may have been combative and grabbed the gun, why don’t they relate to the massive violent attacks, rapes, and horrors that europanic americans are not welcoming with open arms into their nation?