Title Before the Indian Invasion      Title After The Invasion

Chief Technology Officer                   Junior Assistant Manager

Vice President of Technology           Engineer

Senior Director of Research             Project Consultant

Senior Vice President                       Coach

Chief Executive Officer                    associate

Why do people who study Sales, HR, Business, Law, or Marketing, get to rise to Vice Presidents within 10 years, but after 20 years managing 200M technology projects, your title is “engineer” or “associate” or if you are lucky “manager”. On the bachelor a man who had four years in sales was referred to as an “Executive” because his title was “Account Executive”

America is dying and its goose is cooked. First they threw away our engineers. Then our planes, trains, buildings, and software sucked and all fell apart. Then we collapsed economically. Then the Chinese bought up our lands, leased our buildings back to us, and made us de-facto slaves. Then the bankers and jew power brokers corrupted our children and taught them to race mix and have no moral values. And then we fell deeper and lower.

Average Wages for 130 IQ People In Different Jobs:

Software Engineer     Unemployed   Wage 0

Employed        110k

Lawyer                                              300-600k

Cardiologist                                       750k

Anesthesiologist                                250 – 400k

College Bureaucrat                           800k

Neural Surgeon                                800k

Yet, if we look back to 1980, Lawyers and Engineers and Most Doctors were earning about the same wage? What happened? Insurance companies and mandates and federally paid insurance for medical practitioners drove doctors salaries sky high. Lawyers were able to feed of that and other industries that did well in the dying economy. And federally supported student loans created the college bureaucrat earning over a million a year. Worse, the dopey college basketball coach earning several million a year.

Finally the low IQ mba, aka the rich kid who was spoiled most of his life. Well they don’t quite make a 130 IQ but their earnings as VPs of Sales, Marketing, and CEOs push them into the very highest paid group.

Now, if you are a technologist with tons of management experience, but you show technical skill on your resume, they literally discriminate against you. You are not their kin and they know it. So you were a vice president? Try being junior “associate” or  if you are lucky “manager” now that the attack on intelligence and the marxist cultural revolution / indian invasion is in full swing.