Well the price of oil keeps dropping. Is this a statement that America’s economy is dead and not using much oil this year? Or is it the glut from the shale producers? Or a bit of both?

Well it seems there might be something more nefarious at work here, with those pesky shale producers flooding the market it might be an attempt to lower the price so much that they all go bankrupt. That’ll teach em!

In truth, the oil producers have a hammer like headlock on America and it’s about time someone shakes them up. With new fleets of electric plug in vehicles, cheap thorium reactors could keep us in honey for decades. How long before technological progress breaks us free? Never if the EPA regulators keep squelching technology at home. How long can America get pushed into the Dinosaur age, other countries WILL start innovating new technologies, it’s like trying to block a dam with a pencil. Eventually it will spurt out elsewhere.

Where is America’s investment in modern nuclear? Nowhere to be found. And that’s exactly how they like it.