The republicans were voted back in and now have control, but Obama is going onward with his statement that executive Amnesty for the 60 million illegal alien invaders is going to happen before the end of this year.

The republicans need to get together and

1) Immediately revoke Obamacare

2) Announce as a group that nothing less than ARREST and IMPEACHMENT will be the result at any attempt at executive order amnesty

Mitch McConnell must make such statements and take action or be removed in 30 days. Nothing less is acceptable.

Finally there are other things that Republicans could do to immediately get somewhere with the people:

1) Announce that the Fed is now being moved to UNDER the secretary of the Treasury

2) Announce that the IRS is now being moved to Washington DC as a federal agency (not a private puerto rican agency)

3) Declare a two year hold on all foreclose action until a decision on MERS is made and also set up state agencies to investigate MERS transfers of title and REVOKE all of them

4) REVOKE the H-1B visa immediately and SEND HOME everyone here currently on it!

5) Put stricter oversight on L-1 visas being requested by Indian bodyshopper companies

6) Place TARIFFS on imports from countries other than Japan and Thailand. If necessary call it a security fee. Make it EQUAL to our trade deficit so that dollars remain CONSTANT and not in inflows or outflows.

7) FUND entrepreneurship.  Immediately declare national competitions for business plans to receive one of five million MILLION dollar grants to start business. Have a committee of the best and brightest entrepreneurs review them. The cost? Five billion dollars a year. Jobs created? Probably 20 million new jobs a year. Is this not a better strategy than pumping money into wall street dead companies and derivitive speculators with quantitative easing?

8) Declare a AMT for businesses that have over a billion a year in sales. NO game playing with offshore companies. No free rides for Walmart, Apple, GE, etc.

9) Declare either a flat 7% tax for individuals and business   OR a 10% flat tax for those earning over 300,000 a year.

10) Set up and fund RESEARCH CENTERS for advanced transportation, city design, energy efficiency, transit, and thorium energy. But not for big business, for individual Americans to propose and get funding to research projects. MOVE the billions wasted on medical research to REAL KEY INVENTIONS in these innovation centers. Provide 100k salaries and free office space to teams up to 4 people in each company for the first 3 years. Select Nuclear research projects for actual prototyping and fund with 200M stakes. Make it a national competition for big ideas.

nope. we will never go to the stars. we will simply wallow in the mud because they have pictures of all our politicians getting fucked by goats.