It begins. The great wimp out of the Republicans shows their true colors. Pat Buchanan has chimed in on the executive immigration uproar, labeling it an “impeachable act,” and truly it is no less than that. But the republicans, their own hands dirty as filth cannot claim the moral ground on anything. Which is why this shows us the folly of voting for Republicans and expecting change, rather than vote in the Libertarian candidates.

The libertarians need a billionaire backer, one person who looks at the direction this country is headed and gets shit scared. They really don’t need to be even a billionaire, just a wealthy person who will fund and get the first seats in congress. The tide must shift and every new party must begin piece by piece and state by state. And the television media must be stopped from blocking candidates from tv debates with large protests if need be.

We have seen the Republicans face the most outrage affront to dignity and simply walk away meek and worthless. Why bother to vote for them any longer? If they cannot respond to Obamacare or Illegal Aliens getting Amnesty, and they support war, overspending and the police state, you have to ask yourself is this truly the party that represents my views? You simply know it’s not the marxist democrats party of the invaders – the jewish zionist cabal that destroyed Russia is now here on our doorsteps and winning. If we do nothing hundreds of millions will die. Already software engineers have been hard hit by restrictive laws and two decades of flagrant importation of six million Indians with fake degrees to take their jobs. What more assault to our dignity do we need? If they can take software engineers jobs, they can take yours, and already the H-1B is being expanded to cover health professions and others. How long before you stand up? There are over a billion people waiting for your job, waiting for the ticket here. Republicans, it has now been shown, will simply give it to them.

What would help our cause is a break away group – Sessions, Cruz, Paul, all to declare the Republican Party null and void and join the Libertarians. Yes I know Paul has a presidential bid, but really, this is much bigger. The time to light the fire is now, not in 2016. If they have any guts.