They looted in Ferguson, mostly blacks seeking free alcohol. Free stuff. A chance to go and grab – black halloween. It had nothing to do with the decision. It was simply a crime of opportunity. As more black areas get destroyed by looting the stores move away never to re-open. Whole areas of Los Angeles are now vacant empty dead zones. Same in Detroit. The real price of looting is it hits people where they live, they destroy their own home but the lure of free alcohol is just too great.

But why are they looting? Why are they breaking local businesses? The real culprit is Obama. His thuggification of the police forces is well documented. But for blacks, holding Obama responsible is cognitive dissonance. They cannot fathom being mad at their liberator. So instead they take it out on their city blocks.


It will take time to digest the Ferguson decision, but whatever the decision the focus on a need for clear training and operating procedures to stop police brutality continue. Will any of the looters take part in the political process? Will Al-Chubby-Bankrupt-Tax Dodging-Sharpton be there to push legislation to change things? How about starting civilian review boards for oversight of police conduct? Things are desperate to change but in the meantime, the only change we get are more boots to our faces.


Ferguson is just a tiny reaction, racialized as a black thing. But the thugg-ization of the police force is a national problem not a black or white problem. Its something we must address, but in a administration gone mad, one wonders if anything can happen. Where is Holder on this issue? He’s off handing machine guns to mexican drug lords. Is it any wonder we have police thuggary in Amerika now? Do any of the thugees in these pictures realize that the low hanging jeans is how prisoners advertise interest in anal rape? Do they realize their “thug life” is actually offering up their bottoms for big salami? I wonder.