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It’s important to take the kids to the lootings so they can learn how it’s done. Parent animals teaching their children important behaviours so they can master them by the time they are grown up and need them. Here be the LIquor, Here be the McNuggets. It’s simple and primal, but with these lessons the children will survive in the wilds of ferguson.

One question – why don’t the police make a specific effort of targeting the thugs who obscured their faces? It seems that’s a pretty simple way to tell who is out thuggin and who is out protesting peacefully. Gas Masks notwithstanding.

In the mind of the blacks, its a whitey killen them and no one cares. They are incapable of understanding it was The Obama they elected who has brought in the poverty and violent police. And now, Obama ignores them. Why don’t they come out and make statements.

What would heal the community is to see the black leaders come out and make statements NOT JUST FOR the sole violent black youth who attacked the cops, but for all the people – white and black – who were gunned down and murdered senselessly in the new thug-force federalized Mrapped urban assault forces that have now been set up not just in Ferguson, but across America. Come on black leaders, have you got the GUTS to be human and not just black for a change?