Moslim and EU do not mix. The EU is a christian state that would more welcome RUSSIA and UKRAINE into its membership than Turkey. Yet talks continue to push for a EU with Moslim Turkey as a member. And if that happens, the flood of Moslims into the EU would increase. The problem is, moslims talk a happy game, but have a inner war against europe and plan on taking it over through massive birth production of worthless eaters. And when you couple the massive reproducing strategy of the moslim with a welfare state in the EU, you get forty babies per couple. It would only take forty years at that rate or two generations, for the EU to be utterly overwhelmed, and its already happening.

The European Commission called on EU governments on Wednesday to start negotiations with Turkey on two policy areas in the accession process—justice and rule-of-law—arguing that the talks were the best way to push Ankara to initiate changes guaranteeing civil rights and judicial independence.

Turkey’s minister for EU affairs and chief negotiator, Volkan Bozkir, called the EU’s annual report on accession negotiations objective and said Turkey would take note of some of the report’s criticisms of its policies. “We see that our many suggestions have been taken into consideration during the preparation of the report,” Mr. Bozkir told reporters. “A balanced report has been prepared.” He added the report also contained criticisms that Turkey didn’t agree with, as well as some factual errors, which he said he would respond.

Yet still, Turkey is arming ISIS. And this is exactly case in point that Turkey cannot join the EU because they cannot ever resist siding with their religion. Sadly ultimately for these people religion is everything, statehood little.

France and Sweden are already losing vast parts of their cities to Moslims, the the UK is facing sharia law in London itself. Why is this happening?

This is the same zionist jewish old banking guard that runs the worlds financial systems now pressuring all nations through political capital to push endless immigration regardless of what the people want, and that’s just what Tony Blair’s labor part did to England, lying about the numbers they were letting in when people could look to their left and their right and see nothing but immigrants.

The first step in this solution is to know thy enemy. We need to identify these people, trace how they are manipulating things, only THEN will we have a chance of not losing our nations.