Garbage on the streets of once beautiful south africa. Garbage on the streets of India. What is the connection? The sense of community, or responsibility, of charity, of sheltering one’s neighbor.

The africanized brain is missing this fundamental trait and it leads to garbage in the streets, whether its an africanized brain in south africa, or in India.

The indian caste system was a last ditch attempt to stop indians from mating with africans. It failed. Their society collapsed. Now America embraces them as “geniuses” when on project after project they are remedial at best in engineering.

Garbage in African Cities

litter durban

Garbage on the roads in India

Seeing garbage on Indian streets is fairly common. People often throw garbage outside the bin, not inside it. This is either because the garbage bin is overflowing or because of carelessness.

This photograph is taken in Pune. You can see the garbage lying on the road although the yellow garbage can is empty.

garbage on road

This photograph is taken in Mumbai. There is no garbage bin in sight but people are using the side of the road as a garbage bin. Stray dogs and cows, crows and rodents frequent such places. Food and medicate waste are all to be seen here. The girl in the red nightie, a slum-dweller, has arrived with some rubbish to throw.

garbage with dogs and cows

In this photo from Pune litter can be seen all over the place, quite a distance from the garbage bin. Garbage has spread to the empty plot behind the fence.

litter on the streets

Here is a picture of garbage lying near an office building, partly on the pavement and partly on the road.

garbage lying on roadside