A life of luxury awaits those white girls who marry negro ball players
A life of luxury awaits those white girls who marry negro ball players

Its sad and its disgusting. Another pretty eligible white girl has chosen to whore out  get married to a black sports player for the money. She will never want for anything ever again as his long black sausage slides deep into her white vagina night after night.

picture is for illustration purposes only
picture is for illustration purposes only

And our tax dollars buy the stadiums for the billionaire sports scum who then pay these negros so much money that all the girls want them, including our white girls. Our politicians in buying these stadiums are whoring out our young white girls to negros and don’t let them forget it. But there must be something in the moral fiber of these girls so corrupted that they think it’s ok to do such things. This is normal. Well its everywhere on jew run TV, not that its legal to marry a negro in Israel. No , that is forbidden.

All the coaches were there, none of them objected.


Every DOPE who watches the now negro sports – FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, and mexicanized Baseball – should be bitch slapped hard for selling out his country and throwing his money so more negros will continue to sleep with our teen girls. There is no longer any need for rape, give the blacks enough money and they just buy the girls they want. But of course they still rape 40,000 of our white girls every year as well, cause not all of them are rich sports stars with 60 IQs.

Why did Greece Fall? Why did Egypt Fall? Why did Rome Fall? Why did India Fall? And now, America falls, all victims to the negro destruction of their genetic heritage. Once 40% of the population is negroid, the nations descend into third world status, it’s already happened to America.

justlike a white guy

I have one question. Where are the fathers. WHERE ARE THE FATHERS! In my day a SHOTGUN would meet such advances, but no more, it’s all OK as our pre-programmed jewish leaders tell us on television with shows like Kendra and the girls next door. Oh to think that way is racist, we’ve overcome our white privilege. Really? YUK! She never needs to worry about white acceptance again as her new life with luxury SUVs and credit cards simply can never end not even in divorce. So why worry? You cannot blame or be critical of Rebecca, its our society, no one has talked to her no one has explained basic history to her. She probably thinks the Sun revolves around Mars for all her addled head can comprehend, who knows? And now it’s too late. The prognosis is not good, cheating, assault, and murder are much higher in these kinds of relationships but she won’t even think that is possible. She thinks brownifying the white race is a good thing, and her low IQ children are just lovable, and while that may be true, they will nonetheless still be low IQ children and one more match extinguished from the white race.


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What a year it’s been for Robert Griffin III. The Heisman Trophy winner went into Washington with the weight of the world on his shoulders and somehow managed to deliver, winning the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year Award while leading the Redskins to their first division title since 1999.

The year ended on a sour note as Griffin III had to leave Washington’s wild card game after injuring his knee, but he is hoping to start the season on the field for the Redskins.

But before that happens, Griffin III had some business to attend to. On Saturday he married his fiancee, Rebecca Liddicoat, in her hometown of Denver. The two met at Baylor and were engaged in October 2010.

Washington coach Mike Shanahan, owner Daniel Snyder, backup quarterback Kirk Cousins and Baylor coach Art Briles were among the guests. Shanahan is very familiar with Denver, having won two Super Bowls as coach of the Broncos from 1995 to 2008. According to the Denver Post, the rehearsal dinner was held Thursday at Shanahan’s Steakhouse