It’s so disgusting you puke often upon seeing it. And there’s a deeper subliminal message to everyone watching it. Yes, the ATT “Charlie” commercials, the one where the elderly and competent american engineer hawking cable takes on the youngish indian “Charlie” who is dumb and juvenile and annoying… and INDIAN.

It’s a meme, old stodgy white guys who just happen to be smart, make way for the Indians who may be dumb but are taking over.

In the end they shake hands. ATT should be told just how demeaning these commercials are, no not to Indians, to the Americans engineers who have to endure Indians with remedial IQs being hired for the software jobs while the best and the brightest americans starve. One image in the commercial boldly pronounces “Building You (American Engineers) Better (filth like stupid Charlie)”

Maybe we wouldn’t be so sensitive if they weren’t approving 577,298 H-1B LCA applications a year (source DOL 2012) and have brought in 6 million low wage Indians for 4 million tech jobs in America. Worse Obama just announced that by executive fiat he is allowing their wives to work as well.

Played by actor Karan Soni, Charlie is clutsy and clueless about american culture. Old American guy does all the work while sidekick charlie laughs and collects his paycheck. By contrast, the white American engineer is robotic and stodgy showing no emotion – perhaps this is how they mock smart people and instead prefer the family guy or homer simpson meme of the disempowered white guy. But since they require to present an engineer who must be intelligent, they strip him of all emotion and present him as mono dimensional and stiff. Another jab against hard working Americans. Where is the TV show where the brilliant flexible white fathers take care of their families against a hostile society? Haven’t seen it yet and the jewish cabal that runs our media (can you say Sumner Rothberg) won’t allow it. That would be like being allowed to watch the hunger games. Picture the hunger games with a few rich fatcat jews on top as the king characters, a bunch of snidly psychopaths as their henchmen or city dwellers, and district 12 except the gates are open and black and brown people are pouring in and eating all the food. That’s the real picture of America, not Charlie.

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Frank and Charlie are in the rafters of a basketball arena working on the network and also giving us a lesson in teamwork. “Are we almost done? This is freaking me out.” Frank replies “Yup. Now these fans have a network strong enough for them to tweet, post, and upload. You play basketball, Charlie?” Charlie answers “Oh, no. I shattered a backboard when I was in high school. I’m banned ever since.” Frank does’t seem to believe Charlie. “You shattered a backboard? You did? You? Your vertical must be insane. You don’t know what that means do you?” Charlie does some basketball motions with his hands and one, for some reason, involves clapping. It becomes apparent that Charlie has no idea what having a crazy vertical means. “AT&T is building you a better network.”

The AT&T network guys are optimizing a network in the office, which is located in the ceiling. “Alright, that should just about do it.” A woman walks up to them and asks “Excuse me. What are you doing?” They reply “Uh, well, we’re fine tuning the small cells that improve coverage, capacity, and quality of the network. It means you’ll be able to post from the break room.” The woman gets excited “Great!” The guys on the ladder, Charlie, asks “Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?” The woman is flattered “A little.” The other network guy tries to pull Charlie into the ceiling, stopping him from flirting. “Haha, oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I have to go.” [Hitting on White Women, a constant theme]

In the end, putting an indian into their “engineer” role on TV serves to say “Look, it’s normal now” except after company after company dies from its greed lust to save money, things are not normal at all.

Yes Charlie, you are the new age of newly negroid America. Obama has done his job well. Time for a new country.

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