In the 90s I enjoyed going out and having a good time. But lately I find nothing out there of interest. All consequences of 20 years of racial horror that has transformed America from a productive europanic society to a negative dark society with danger lurking in every corner.

It is not merely the lack of places to call our own, it is the transformation of those spaces that should not be changed.

I recently visited a pool hall I enjoyed going to. But on every inch of it were TV screens and all blasting football games. Why? Why was this necessary. For one thing, certainly such annoyances would distract from serious pool playing. How could the patrons tolerate it? But tolerate they did. Why did the management spend so much money on such things? One wonders. The dazed zombies now demand their zombie tube constantly to watch negro sports at all times even the sanctity of a pool hall is to be breached. The same is true of a honest bar. There are not TELEVISIONS in a bar. A bar is for drink and conversation. But the zombies don’t know how to talk. So they require their trance machines everywhere.

So one friend wanted to go dancing. I suggested Cuba Libre. It wouldn’t be my culture, but at least it would not be degenerate culture. I had enjoyed salsa music in my travels in Spain and could dance pretty well. But when I got there to my horror a squat hispanic sat at two turntables and proceeded to eek out nigrah hip hop music non stop. When I talked to him to protest he ignored me. When I protested to the management they ignored me. When I wrote the management offering my services to dj authentic spanish music they ignored me. NO, negroid was what you got in Negronica, and there was nothing you could do. Sadly, none of the natives had a clue to the horror around them, like blind sheep in their fluoride daze, they pretended to enjoy the music, the same that Sumner Rothberg had forced down their throats on MTV.

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So ask yourself. Are you a zombie sheep or are you awake? Will you speak out againt the football screens and endless negro music? Or will you take the transformation of your society and nod and walk in that line that goes directly to your grave site? It is your life to choose.