Sorry, no one donated. So we have gone dark. But we still function only our domain name is gone.

It’s my fault not the readers. I hope to get us back and running soon. Thanks for your patience.

If you don’t have a farthing to contribute, how about writing us an article? just beam it over to giavellireport AT gmail DOT com

Or do a few reposts.

Its a frustration. Our traffic has stabilized at about 50% of what we need to really launch. Maybe one of you genius wordpress people can do a cool site re-design for us.

For now, we plod on. The book – Zirp Zombies – is coming along as some early chapters are here on the site. Let me know what you think.

Most of all, just post a few comments, let me know you still breathe, and still appreciate the effort and long hours that this place takes.