Paul Craig Roberts recently wrote about the gold price manipulation as a bad thing.

He is wrong this is a good thing. The complex trades secure our financial system and allow America to prosper despite money printing because so few understand it. All the normal indicators of money printing are simply removed – inflation? Never heard of it. Unemployment? Doesn’t exist. Gold price? It’s fine. Now watch your negro sport fiesta and dream of getting paid millions to sidethink a nation.

The original Roman Denarius was 90% silver, until it was debased to 5%. It worked because the general population COULD NOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE. As it was then, so it is today. Our SideThink money printing will work right up until the world realizes our denaris are too light for our loafers. HEY THIS CRAP IS CRAP! they will scream. No, they are worth their weight in gold, go trade them on our futures market, see see?

This is SideThink, like doublespeak of George Orwell’s 1984, it works by destroying the meaning and factual basis of reality.

The push for massive third world immigration is SideThink. It happens because our natives no longer can reproduce in the slave gulag. And its getting hard to rig all the voting as more wake up. So they simply change the facts.

Our economy is not in an economic depression for fourteen years. Instead, we are in “recovery” and might go into “recession” soon. This is SideThink. My manipulating the inflation rate they can make it appear that we have GPD growth. Say the inflation rate is 10%. And economic growth is -2%. SideThink declares that inflation is only 3%. Wow look at that we are growing by 5% a year!

Flooding the nation with 800,000 Indian scab computer engineers a year on the H-1B visa is SideThink. Let’s announce the limits are just 65,000. There can be no crisis with so few happy helpful geniuses coming in. Hide the three GAO reports that say most are ignorant savages with fake degrees and resumes. Our intelligent class will be broken. This is SideThink.

The doctors who earn 700,000 a year are more difficult. They help the system by pushing fake notions like HIV and ChemoTherapy, ignoring the role of mutant gluten and the de-vitamin and de-mineralization of the food supply, and pronounce much of the population as having “cancer” or genetic risk for “cancer”. They are useful, but require more control. Push through ObamaCare at any cost. Ride Kucinnich on AirForce One and show him pictures of his children until he cries and agrees to vote it in. Did that really happen? We don’t know what happened he never told us. That is the power of SideThink.