Its quite hard to express the outrage over the child tax credit. The law that gives families 10-20,000 a year cash for having children. The problem is, it’s designed to be a payout only on low income families. With illegal aliens, the marriages are not declared, often because el esposo is 50 and the wife is just 15. In any case, all his income is not on the form, so it looks like a sad impoverished household, and they get their check for 20,000 cash, not a deduction from the taxes the MIGHT owe. This is madness.

Its all the more insane since scam artists realized this, began collecting social security numbers from puerto ricans, and filing for it by the millions, often 40 million dollars going to the same address. As long as the name is hernandez and not jones, the IRS was ordered to look the other way to protect illegals. So much for equality under the law.

We have run so afar of the constitution and the contract that once binded us that it is not our AGREEMENT to the contract that we are a functional part of government that we pay our taxes, it is now a thug force jail threat and impoverishment threat that gets us there.

In the end, this handing raw cash to families many of whom cheat, is outrageous. Our welfare system should be simple. If you earn less than 100,000 a year, you can claim 20,000 cash from the government to survive. Period. No need for 100 billion spent on bureaucrats.


Senator Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) seized on a White House admission that beneficiaries of President Obama’s immigration orders will receive tax credits, a sign that the orders amount to more than an exercise of prosecutorial discretion.

“This is yet one more illustration of the enormous cost inflicted by the President’s illegal action,” Sessions told National Review Online in a statement. “He has now launched a new $100 million facility and staffing operation to provide illegal immigrants with the exact benefits rejected by Congress – including work permits, Social Security and Medicare. These credits will cost American taxpayers billions every year and represent an enormous cash transfer from American workers to lower-wage illegal workers. These tax credits are not refunds, but a direct cash payment from the Treasury to illegal immigrants – at a time when the Treasury is running huge deficits.”

Sessions made the statement apropos of White House press secretary Josh Earnest’s telling reporters that Obama’s purpose in issuing the orders, in part, was to turn illegal immigrants into taxpayers.

“And that does mean that they’re going to be filing their taxes on a regular basis and that does mean that if they qualify for the child tax credit, for example, as a taxpayer that would be something that they would benefit from,” Earnest said on Monday.

Sessions said the comments provide another example of Obama refusing to enforce immigration laws.

“Congress should fund government but not fund this illegal activity,” he said. “Congress must also demand enforcement of our unenforced public charge rules – millions continue to enter the U.S. lawfully and claim taxpayer benefits when sound law and policy demands self-sufficiency. A bedrock principle of immigration is that immigrant arrivals should not rely on public benefits from the host country, and yet this basic principle is virtually never applied.”