juden in control

This view that all jews are evil and in control is very simplistic, there are certainly enough westerners sharing in the sick perversions that destroy our nation. Never forget that the Fed is a cabal between Jews and the Rockefellers. Never forget that our support for wars and military comes through a pact between rich white families like the BuSh’ and the house of Saud.

Hitler did great things getting his economy going but his vision of jews was simplistic. It is unlikely that any nation would ever support wholesale exportation and expulsion of the jews. What is needed is education. Education on the holocaust. Education that historical expulsion of Jews was not blind racism but often for a reason, sometimes the reason being simply that a kind wanted to end his debts and start over.

The jewish push for racial purity laws in Israel while simultaneously pushing for miscegenation and degredation of white america and invasion by mestizo races is abhorrent and should be dealt with, and those who are silently pushing this agenda from behind the scenes must be dis-entangled and exposed. Right now we don’t even know exactly how this is happening they are so secretive. This exposing is the first step. Not hate against all jews. There is good and bad in every people, even blacks, even jews. But when one race is overwhelmingly pushing an agenda that is parasitic (blacks and massive breeding and welfare abuse, jews and massive immigration and miscegenation) it must be dealt with and the individuals prosecuted.