Two protests. One against climate change.


“NO, it’s cold. It’s breezy and cold”

“Every year it gets colder and then hotter, can’t anyone stop this changing!”

Of course, climate change is ridiculous. Protesting climate change is the same thing as protesting that the earth moves. And if it did stop moving we’d all be dead. So why do people do this insanity? Billions are being spent to push on this. It’s deeper than just lining Al Gore’s carbon credit pockets.

One reason is it’s a venue for global world taxation, and that would bring in a world government. Another is it lines Al Gore’s pockets.

But across the way, people were protesting the loss of habitat for native indians living in the forests. What’s up with that? You see climate change REALLY is a smoke screen, a REPLACEMENT green agenda so that no one ever thinks about OVERPOPULATION which is the true issue with the planet.

Because of overpopulation, America is out of water. And topsoil. And highway space.

There is no way we should have a policy of massive immigration when we are resource bound in so many ways. Yet massive illegal and legal immigration continues in the USA and of course the legalization of the billions of invaders is Obama’s reason d’etre. But why?

The answer is sick and twisted. Because Jews believe the holocaust myth and refuse to examine it scientifically. So they have as their goal destroying all white nations by pushing a flood of non-white immigrants. It’s that simple. That’s climate change. That’s what all the hoopla is about, a bunch of rich old men who won’t look at the facts of the holocaust nor will the realize that maybe Hitler did have a point, the jews do try to run the media and politicians and push an agenda which is against the state. It certainly is what they are doing in America not all jews of course, just these handfull of intellectuals and billionaires who run our media and news stations, who are ensconced in the CFR and builderberg,

Climate Change = Jewish Fear of White People

There. Now you know.