If you go back to the days of Jesus, occupied Jerusalem was ruled by the Romans, but a pact was set up so that the Jews would continue to be in religious control and take religious taxes from the people. This is no different than the Nazi appeal to the french bureaucrats who purportedly led the shutdown that let Hitler walk into France. The Sadduccees believe in animal sacrifice and in the days when most of the populace was poor, chickens and goats would be their “money” what they would invest in after profits from the field were good. The Jewish Sadduccees would go and TAKE a chicken or goat as “sacrifice” and pray for better crops. But the thing was, these were often shakedown offerings. To not give your chicken to the Sadduccees was very bad indeed. Look at the religious police in Iran today? If you were a poor peasant would you cross those guys?

The Sadduccees had this habit of removing the tip of the foreskin of their “people” or their slave stock. That way those who had to pay their tax was always clear. At the temples they were called “money changers” but much of what they were doing were making loans and usury impoverished the people as it always has.

So Jesus came along. Jesus was an Essene. The Essenes were a bit like commune hippies living off the land. They didn’t believe in killing animals and forbid the sacriifice. They also forbid genital mutilation. They practiced herbal healing. And with the inheritance of Bethany, three massive tracts of lands and fortified compounds in Gallilee, the Essennes were becoming powerful led by head Joeseph of Arimethea. And much of the Jewish revolt would happen at these Essene compounds in the days after Christ.

Now The Essenes or Nazarenes (Nazareth being a principal city and strong hold of them) as they were called, they had a trump card. The House of Bethany was a direct lineage from the House of David. They were of ruling stock. When the Sadduccees withers and their ruling links to David grew weak, Jesus (yashua) was groomed for the role and went to meet with the Sanhedrin, the 71 member ruling party of Pharisees and Sadduccees. Jesus went there on Sukhot at age 13 and amazed them with his wisdom, deserting Joeseph of Arimathea for a while.

Pharisees claimed Mosaic authority for their interpretation of Jewish Laws, while Sadducees represented the authority of the priestly privileges and prerogatives established since the days of Solomon, when Zadok, their ancestor, officiated as High Priest. Josephus’ statement ‘common people’ strongly indicates that most Jews were ‘just Jewish people’ by separating them, and making them independent of the main liturgical groups. Sadducees included mainly the priestly and aristocratic families while the Pharisees were more akin to a group of elders. Josephus indicates that the Pharisees received the backing and good-will of the common people, apparently in contrast to the more elite Sadducees associated with the ruling classes.

The Pharisaic position is exemplified by the assertion that “A learned mamzer takes precedence over an ignorant High Priest.” A mamzer, according to the Pharisaic definition, is an outcast child born of a forbidden relationship, such as adultery or incest, in which marriage of the parents could not lawfully occur. Christ was a Mamzer if ever there was one. But secretly unknown to the Sanhedrin he was also the rightful king, but at age 13 too young still.

The Pharisees believed in the oral interpretation of the Talmud while the Sadduccees insisted on literal translation – an eye for an eye meant a real eye out of the head. Mainstream judaism today is said to come from the Pharisees.

When Christ went to the temple and cast out the money changers, he was taking a stab against what were the bankers of his day. So the question I ask you is, if the Sadduccees represented endless taxation, genital mutilation, and usury, and Christ represented the rejection of this and free living, who really won and is in charge of America today. Our current system is Sadduccean not Christian. We have an elite priestly class who run the banks and take the profits, mutilate the genitals of their male slave stock as much as they can foist on the public, and demand sacrifice and interest payments.