obamapopeSometimes you have to wonder about a nation where the president is able to order an invasion of millions and millions simply by saying it. No Pen. No bill by congress. No executive order. And there in the budget, billions to resettle and support the south american and central american invaders. Christian groups are cashing in and getting tens of millions to house and feed a few hundred kids. And soon, the kids will petition for their parents, their aunts, their grandparents. Soon, the 100 million new friends will become a billion. Si Se Puede. Yes We Can. Yes You Did. We knew the republicans were controlled wusses, and them flappin down and allowing this budget through proves it. Last time I read, the president has to swear to prevent the nation from invasion. Its one of the few things actually IN the constitution. Not Obamacare. Not Social Security. Not allowing rogue European jews to issue our currency with interest. Nope none of that. But stopping and preventing invasion,that’s pretty much president job #1. And he has explicitly approved invasion. America has ceased to exist. Maybe some population can offer some resistance but so tired, broke and hungry, cloward and piven has taken its toll.