Rarely I’d walk into a burger king and get my unhealthy burger fix. Mostly the angry whopper, more rarely the regular one. I know its chem land faux food, but it’s pre-programmed with glutamates to make you happy and some days one needs that hit. Like any drug use sparingly.

Normally I’d walk in and flip the TV from Sports to comedy network or even CNN. Anything but sports.

But this time, it didn’t work. They’d kitted the TV with a digital feed, and no antenna otherwise. It could only play the one sports channel. Resistance by slaves could not be tolerated.

The payment to be a government propaganda person on TV is roughly 3 million dollars a year. And more. The private sector pensionless salary for brilliant engineers is now barely 100k a year if you are lucky. At a certain point, you want to scream from the hilltops – COLLEGE STUDENTS STOP STUDYING LEARN TO DO FOOTBALL.

Russell Napier wrote on the new rule changes at banks which were launched at the 2014 G20 :

Sunday in Brisbane the G20 will announce that bank deposits are just part of commercial banks’ capital structure, and also that they are far from the most senior portion of that structure. With deposits then subjected to a decline in nominal value following a bank failure, it is self-evident that a bank deposit is no longer money in the way a banknote is.

What this means is that when the next bank failures hit, depositors will lose their money to pay debts to other banks. 

Large deposits at banks are no longer money, as this legislation will formally push them down through the capital structure to a position of material capital risk in any “failing” institution. In our last financial crisis, deposits were de facto guaranteed by the state, but from November 16th holders of large-scale deposits will be, both de facto and de jure, just another creditor squabbling over their share of the assets of a failed bank.

It is the final nail in the coffin for the Communist-Jewish agenda that is ZIRP. First tax the property. Then tax the income. Then money itself is not safe. With no where to go, people are now clammoring to set up a new free nation. But where, how? The age of exploration is over and what make the USA possible will never exist again unless humans learn how to live in antarctica. Thiel says its giant floating raft cities. Somehow I’m not so sure.

There needs to be free choice. While all the death ZIRP nations flood themselves with third world zombies, intelligent hard working europanics (those descended of european nations) have no where to go. The US is now structured so that there are no free states, the federal imposing its laws, its collectors, end that.

Perhaps a general will abscond with a small battalion and 100 mirved nuclear cruise missiles and take an island. It needs to be big enough to support a few 100,000 freedom minded people who want a fresh start, but not so big that a nation would risk nuclear war to reclaim it.  Well, probably isn’t going to happen and if it did the military junta would want to run a military state. State Succession is another possibility but doubtful. We are all trapped in a system that enslaves us deeply. Only when public education about the dire evils of the FED are exposed and the horror of the ZIRP policy made light of day will we begin to move forward.

How would this happen? Well first, the FED board of governors and stock would be DISMISSED and it’s corporation DISSOLVED. Instead it would be assumed by the treasury and managed by the financial oversight committee in congress. The 20 trillion debt would be paid back over a 10 year period as notes matured simply by issuing money. But the most important part would be how new money would get injected into the American economy. First, a baseline welfare system should be set up and all Americans earning less than 100k a year should get a basic 20,000 a year. All Americans that earn 101-250k should get a basic 10k a year.  But disability and unemployment should be progressive based on the number of years and amount one has worked. Mostly, disability would not be needed because low earning people would simply get the basic 20k. But if you were earning 200k a year for 20 years, you should get something equal to say 50% of your 10 year average. Also, if you have NEVER worked, you simply could never get more than half the minimum 20k or 10k. The military would need to be de-funding and money shifted to entrepreneurs. Banks were originally supposed to support small business capital needs but they failed. So some new form of local entrepreneur incubator centers with oversight committees from private industry to chose recipients should be created and sources of capital supplied or guaranteed by the US treasury. The new money should go into the system of the nation for INVENTION not for WARMONGERING. This is a key critical issue. China is doing similar things by building infrastructure like bullet trains. The fact that America has no bullet train is another indication of just how poor our ZIRP enslavement has made us. So some money should be allotted for good works.

The question that always arises is … well what is the restraint on endless spending then? Well the new system would have to have some fixed measures which could only be changed by approval first by the oversight commitee then by 75% votes in both houses. A basic framework where (not including the 10 year debt repayments) our monetary creation cannot exceed our governments income + 10%. or + 15%. Whatever that X factor is, it would be set. Budgetary funding then would be by PERCENTAGE. The final massive number could not change. That is what is fundamentally eating away at us is that each year, they budget to a number, not by percentages. Once realized that the total UbherTotalitarianism is eating up 80% of our budget (and welfare is eating up the other 80%) it becomes quickly apparent that this must change.

But more importantly, who makes up congress needs to change. It can no longer be rule by the wealthy. First of all we need MANY MANY more districts, we are a 300M country. We would probably need 10,000 congresspeople to really match us these days, or 1 per 30,000. 435 just doesn’t cut it. Each district should have 20 people selected AT RANDOM through a physical system that is live and inspected. These would each be given a chance to give a speech, and then the district would hold a 2 stage election, down to 5 then to 1. This new congress WOULD truly be of the people, and not just of the rich. And that is the fundamental change that must happen. The senate would be reformed simply as the six year seat would be available to those congressmen who were finished with their second four year term and would no longer be allowed to continue.

Whatever the election solution, the current oligarch system cannot continue. No matter what is dreamed up to save the banking side, they will simply corrupt it somehow eventually. It may be that the USA has just grown beyond the size that people can live free. And that is something that is related directly to that 435 members of congress limit.

Three three steps – Assuming direct control of the fed and dismissing its stock, governors and incorporation, Setting up a direct fixed welfare system for all citizens who request it, and changing our process of election – would return the nation to such a leap in prosperity that even if only one state were to break free, its clear prosperity would quickly drive all other states to the same point through envy.