Sandeep is only 18 but he already holds his degree from his Indian Medical school and is on his way to practice medicine in America. How is this possible? Well in India many of the medical schools are only one or two years long and they do not require a prior degree like in the states. For the price of $2,000 he has obtained what would cost an american 1.6 million. He can now go to the states with no student loan to pay back, and happily work for a HMO at $175,000 a year as a junior doctor and return home a millionaire. Its a dream too good to be true. And after the tech glut (over six million unemployed Indians in America, mostly with fake tech degrees who abused the H-1b visa to get in) going for the medical degree is much easier.

Two types of medical colleges graduate students: one is run by the different state governments; and there are a few private medical schools.

To get into the former you need to take their entrance exams and students are accepted based on the test results alone or in some cases entrance test results+(physics, chemistry, and biology marks from the 12th standard final exams). Indian citizenship is also a requirement as far as I know. Tuition is extremely cheap because it is heavily subsidized by the government.

Private schools are run for profit. Most, not all, private schools take students based on how much they are willing to pay. (Some do take students based on marks, but the fee structure is not pocket friendly.) Most of them are filled up with kids that did not make it to the state schools. Or they are filled up with NRI (Non Resident Indian) students who choose to come to India to get their medical degree for a variety of reasons.