Another black kid shot dead this week by police. He was carrying a gun , err, or they planted one on the body. They refer to that as the “stone”. “Yo Jeffry, toss me the stone I don killed him I think”. They carry these around as backups for their behaviour. “Of course I shot him, he had a gun see see?” Well we’ll never know if they used the stone or not. But what is going on with all this violence? And then protests over violence?

Of course first you have our politicians who are bringing the police thug force in. Low IQ, lotsa steroids, and lotsa fancy advanced weapons and thug armor. Mraps. The real deal.

Second, you have to remember the ROLE of blacks in our society. Blacks are a control point for whites. Do bad? Get tossed in a prison crowded to puking with blacks. Prison itself, like prison in OSLO, meh, not so big a deterrent. Prison in America, hell yah I’m following the law.

Third, you have a ruling class that has just faked all the elections and presidential process, have several districts locked in with electronic voting machine fraud, they don’t need the electorate any more to keep up the fraud of democracy. Just ask Ron Paul (see the articles above – the cheating of ron paul).

Without any accountability, and with no heed for the consitution, and with an infinite check book, government has basically gone nuts. And descended upon them are the parasite lobbyists and billionaires who are now directing what we should do. The jewish lobby wants massive immigration and the de-whiting of America. So we get open borders and 40 million Guatemalans. Carlyle and Halliburton want oil and war. So we get that. Kellog Brown and Root wants god knows what. But we get it.

But a strange side effect of these policies is occurring. Blacks, whose thug-ocracy normally simply controls milk toast whites, is now overflowing to levels of aggression that they are bumping into the other control thugs – the police. Naturally like two rival gangs, these two groups don’t mix. Usually it’s the police that are the better shot. But now, people are shooting back. Hmmm. That hasn’t happened before. That’s a new twist. But you can’t shoot back you’ll go to prison with those scary blacks. Yet that message doesn’t really work for blacks. So there is no control grid for blacks. Maybe if blacks were really scared of chinese we could set up special prisons that were 70% chinese and send the blacks there. But the chinese just don’t commit enough crimes. Solution? Start to pass laws and regulations against everything chinese. Live chickens? thats 20 years. Under-sanitary restaurants? Thats 30 years. Two strikes your out. Of coures the small black population would start to dominate the large chinese population in prison so all the arrested chinese would have to get tasers or something to give them the upper hand. I’m sure theres a way to figure this out.

When the chinese act bad we can send them to prison with the French. And when the french act bad, we can send them to prison with the Japanese. Truly this is the vision of global government at work.

It’s all about maintaining a balance and culture of fear. Blacks are unafraid. Partly because Obama gave them so much hope and change. Now that blacks are down to spare change, we need a new strategy.